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Democrat platform most progressive in LGBT history

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DNC platform most progressive in LGBT history

Democrat platform most progressive in LGBT history

Democrat platform most progressive in LGBT history
The LGBT community has more than enough reason to be hopeful this election year with the Democrat platform touted as the most progressive in LGBT history.

With the recent Democratic National Convention (DNC) held in Philadelphia last Sunday, the Democrat Party’s platform promises to promote absolute full equality under the law

This would be especially beneficial for the LGBT community.

2016 Democrat Party: The gayest ever

What’s important to consider is that this year’s DNC is the gayest ever in the Democrat Party’s history. Currently, LGBT delegates make up 11.5 percent of all delegates.

This record number is not a coincidence, it’s by design. Veteran LGBT delegates established an advisory board to recruit new and qualified LGBT delegates from across the United States.

The goal was to increase the number of delegates from under-represented communities. These newly-appointed delegates span the LGBT spectrum.

They also bring a variety of experience and fresh perspectives to the delegation.

LGBT delegates for Equality Act, united against Trump

Most LGBT delegates, while coming from different states and backgrounds, also have at least two things in common.

First, many delegates feel the best way to protect LGBT citizens is for the Equality Act to be passed. 

The said bill would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include discrimination protection based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Second, the LGBT delegates are united in their contempt for GOP nominee Donald Trump.

DNC delegate Chris Sgro said of Trump: “He is an erratic and dangerous man. His foreign policy would be unpredictable, and his domestic policy would certainly be a trainwreck.”

As might be expected, the LGBT delegates at the DNC are supportive of Democrat Party nominee Hillary Clinton. 

They expressed confidence Clinton would continue the pro-LGBT policies of the Obama administration.

Democrat platform: From first draft to final draft

LGBT people were mentioned 11 times in the initial draft of the Democratic platform.

By the time the full platform committee released the final draft this month, LGBT people were mentioned more than twice as much.

Another difference is that the initial draft of the platform omitted LGBT issues that look like blind spots in the context of major current debates and policies advanced by the Obama administration.

Numerous delegates have since introduced amendments to expand the LGBT planks.

The final draft of the platform states: “Democrats will fight for the continued development of sex discrimination law to cover LGBT people.”

Other new elements include reviewing records for soldiers discharged due to their sexual orientation, and, in foreign policy, considering LGBT rights as a matter of human rights.

The final draft also adds language about equipping the Census Bureau to track data on LGBT people and other historically under-counted populations.

As such, the final DNC platform is the Democrat Party’s boldest stance on LGBT rights to date.

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