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More than enough reasons for not coming out?

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Coming out

More than enough reasons for not coming out?

Coming out
People are always telling us to come out like it’s the end all and be all of the lesbian life. But what if that’s a bunch of baloney people tell themselves because, after all, coming out is the burden that we have to bear.

After all, the more out lesbians, the merrier. But what if this wasn’t true? What if we don’t need to carry this burden?

So we figured to look at it from the other side. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t come out and keep other people in the dark about your true sexuality.

[Editor’s Note: Tongue-in-cheek mode on!]

Coming out issue #1: Honesty is overrated

You know, on your own, that you prefer women. That should be the end of it.

It’s not the business of other people to know who you like under your sheets. Your Facebook friends don’t need to know how you swooned at Rooney Mara in Carol— those eyes!

Truly, honesty is overrated. It’s not as if you’ll go up the ranks if your boss learns you’re a lesbian.

Coming out issue #2: It’s more fun to keep them guessing

In line with the above, wouldn’t it be more fun if people didn’t know your sexuality? You could be a lot of things if you don’t have a man in life– and you don’t need one.

You could be Estella in Great Expectations, for all they know, someone who was trained not to fall in love.

You could be mysterious. Sometimes, you can drop a man’s name and say you’re having drinks with him later. Later on, you drop a statement like the new receptionist is so hot.


Coming out issue #3: Baby dykes learn on their own

If you’re from the older generation, you can say been there, done that with complications about coming out.

Seriously, the millennials have it easy. We not only paved the road for them, they also have these pansexualitysexual fluidity-option buttons they can choose from.

If you don’t come out, they’ll learn on their own how to come out. That’s how you grow up a child.

Coming out issue #4: Politicians love debating on LGBT issues

Politicians love to argue with each other and they hide it in the words “congressional hearing.” But, honestly, they just love arguing.

Let’s just stay in the closet and not give them a reason to avoid finding a solution to global warming.

Coming out issue #5: You’re not a lesbian, you’re a person

We repeat, you’re not a lesbian, you’re a person and a person doesn’t need to come out for being a person.

Okay, that last one just got a little too serious. The thing is, we have a choice now. You’re in, you’re out; it’s all good.

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