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February Femastrology 2021

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Aquarius - February 2021

February Femastrology 2021

by Astrologer and Psychic, Victoria Bearden

How to Choose an Anthem for 2021

Intentions, resolutions, symbols and visualizations are all things that can help us to bring our goals into focus and bring our dreams into reality. Another uplifting way to bring about your Soul’s agreement to positive change is by picking an “anthem” for the year. Some people do things like this regularly, and will pick a word or theme for the month or year. When choosing an anthem, you’ll be choosing a song.

If you are a musician, you could write your own song, but even then, it might be more fun to pick a song from one of our favorite artists. So, here’s how this goes:

1. Pick a song that represents what you want to see in your life in 2021. This is the hard part, because there are probably so many songs you love. Think about the way the song makes you feel, and what the song symbolizes for you.

2. If the song has words, print out the lyrics and learn them. Do a little karaoke if you are so inclined, so you can learn the tune.

3. Make sure you have a way to listen to the song at times, to affirm your connection to what you are manifesting.

4. When you are having “one of those days,” take a minute to sing, hum, or listen to your song. Use it to give you peace, strength, and encouragement. It’ll be your secret weapon to empower you when you are being tested or need to align with positive energy.

5. Make sure the song is not a dirge. There’s a place in the world for sad songs, don’t get me wrong. But this song needs to be full of strength and hopefulness. Have some fun with it!

Here’s a line from my song. See if you recognize it. PS, the lead member of this band is a Capricorn, like yours truly.

I, I’m a new day rising

I’m a brand-new sky

To hang the stars upon tonight

Aquarian Alchemy

As the second month of the new year unfolds, we are met with a planetary convergence in the Sign of the Water Bearer, Aquarius. One of the few zodiac symbols depicting a human, it’s not surprising Aquarius is associated with our ability to connect with one another. It’s the sociable side of our nature. Associated with the 11th House, this Air Sign signifies the collective, the tribe, the family of man, and our ability to share. Like the story of the Hundredth Monkey, Aquarius signifies the moment of genius and awakening that occurs in one individual, and spontaneously leaps into the consciousness of many. With the extraordinary planetary alignments coming up in February, we have a real chance to grab ahold of this “Aquarian Alchemy” and use it for something great.

Alchemy can be defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, often in an inexplicable way. An example would be taking recycled plastic and turning it into a habitable structure or artwork. We can use the principles of alchemy in our personal lives as well. Through self-investigation and spiritual work, we can find ways to reinvent ourselves, essentially taking our broken pieces and turning them into something beautiful. This is a major theme I see as related to the Aquarius Energy that is so prevalent as 2021 unfolds. It’s about radical healing. It’s about re-imagining ourselves, and our world.

Before you accuse me of being too idealistic, let me remind you, there’s a system of checks and balances at work here. The incredible possibilities for a new vision of the future that are taking shape this year are still strongly tethered to reality. 2021 started out with visionary Jupiter joined at the hip with realist Saturn. And, as fate would have it, the “signature transit” of 2021 is Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, square to Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius. Jupiter + Saturn + Uranus = Checks and Balances. In some ways, it’s a symphony of opposites. But in other ways, it’s a complex math problem or science experiment that could lead to something unprecedented. It’s the Alchemy of which I speak.

Aquarius and The Star Card

If any of you are familiar with the Tarot, then you’ll know about The Star card. In it, a naked woman bends on one knee, with eight stars in the heavens above her. These stars are distant suns, and their light illuminates our consciousness. This Major Arcana Tarot card is linked to the Air Sign Aquarius, and symbolizes the concept “as above, so below.” This concept indicates that by taking responsibility for our personal spiritual care, we in turn influence the broader well-being of the universe. This is a key piece of knowledge related to principles of manifestation, healing, and positive thinking.

The Star Card is also linked to the concept of Natural Intelligence, or awareness of the hidden qualities of nature, which is arrived at through reflection and meditation. Although this type of knowledge is available to all who seek it, it is elusive in our modern world, as we are often pulled away from our connection to the natural realm and its multitudinous gifts. The woman depicted in The Star card is actually Mother Nature herself, in her role as a spiritual guide to those of us here on Earth. The Star represents our ability to align with the cosmos to achieve healing for body, mind, and spirit.

The energy of The Star will help us as we exit the challenging vibration of The Tower, which represents the breakdown of existing forms and the confounding of human speech and communication. During The Tower phase, we have had sudden, momentary glimpses of the truth, bringing to light ignorance and false reasoning. In false knowledge, subconscious motives are permitted to dominate the personality, thus allowing people to excuse themselves from intelligent action by saying, “I can’t help it; that’s the way I feel.” The Star represents our potential to align with higher vibrations that help reveal clarity of both thought and action.

America’s Aquarius Moon

The USA has a birth chart, as do other countries. She’s an emotional Cancer Sun, with bold and fiery Sagittarius Rising and Moon in iconoclastic Aquarius. The Moon in a chart represents one’s inner self and core inclinations. It represents energy that came into being at the time of the individual’s birth, or in this case, the country’s birth, coloring instincts and underlying motivations. Interestingly, one uniquely Aquarian symbol is that of revolution, and, of course, this country was born of it.

Aquarius also symbolizes equality and the coming together of disparate cultures and ideologies. Sometimes Aquarius is tempted to go too far to extremes, throwing the baby out with the bathwater in the name of progress. This is probably not a good idea right now, no matter how worthy we think our goals might be. Our Aquarius Moon would gain great comfort in finding the common ground, which requires compromise. We really are stronger together. The spirit of idealism is also strongly represented by The Water Bearer. And the quest will be merging idealism with actuality.

Although America is in the throes of a difficult Pluto Return, full of tests and challenges, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic. The convergence of Aquarian planets in the heavens represents great change. This change would naturally move towards inclusiveness, fairness, progress, breakthroughs, and innovation. That is the potential here, not destruction. If you find yourself doubting this, I would like to humbly suggest putting your energy towards the good. It will help. And truly, we humans, and our Earth, are all in this together. That’s an Aquarian axiom if there ever was one.

How to get your Aquarian Groove On

Aquarius Energy helps you energize the areas of your life where you could use something new and exciting. This planetary alignment is happening somewhere in everyone’s birth chart. If you know what house Aquarius occupies in your horoscope, think of ways you can update, expand, revise, or revolutionize this department. For example: if you know Aquarius is your Rising Sign, thereby connecting to your 1rst House, you might be due for a “make-over” of some kind. This could be anything from a new haircut or color, to a wardrobe switch, or even wearing a color that will lift your vibration. Everyone looks good in some shade of blue or violet, which are associated with Aquarius, and tend to help lift up our communicative and intuitive Chakras. Adding a new type of exercise to your regimen could also do the trick.

For a more businesslike example of Aquarius in the 1st House, redo your resume, or design new business cards so you can revamp your way of presenting yourself to the world at large. Even if you don’t know your planetary houses and positions, you can still decide to embrace some “new territory” in some key areas of your life. This could be accomplished by reading things that you consider out of the ordinary for you, or listening to a music genre you aren’t familiar with. It’s about breaking from old patterns, and inviting in the new. Try it. Be experimental. You’ll have fun, which is a good thing right now. We need more new ideas, more fun, more laughter, and more joy, and opening up to change can bring in all of the above!

There’s a New Moon at 23° Aquarius, February 11, 2021 at 11:06 AM, PST. This one is really something! New Moons represent a focal point. A place to pause and take a breath. The nascent moment when a new monthly cycle is just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential. The reason this Moon is so special has to do with a profound planetary alignment in Aquarius. Wow! The board is lit! Everything in this chart is linked to and charging up with something else, and that doesn’t happen every day. The potential to align with the Aquarian coolness of this moon is great. There’s only one catch, and that comes from multiple squares to Mars, the war god. The surge of idealism Aquarius sparks is in a tense counterpoint with the stubborn, bull-headed, and potentially intolerant and quick-tempered nature Mars in Taurus. So, choose your battles, and if possible, choose not to battle at all, but to be the peace-keeper. Some will be very riled up under this influence, and might need to be talked off the edge of the cliff by those of us who choose to be more leveled-headed and reasonable. Use this potent energy for intention settling and magic related to creating greater freedom and new pathways.

The Sun Enters spiritual, artistic Pisces on February 18, 2021.

Mercury Goes Direct on February 20, 2021. This will be welcome after a few weeks of snafus and “hurry up and wait.” Give a few days to straighten itself out, then full steam ahead!

There’s a Full Moon at 08° Virgo on February 27, 2021 at 11:16 AM, PST. The high point of this lunar cycle, the Virgo Full Moon opposes the Sun in Pisces. Earth Sign Virgo represents healing, and our service to others, in the most practical, physical way. Water Sign Pisces represents all other dimensions of healing, through vibration, sound, and other spiritual modalities. Thus, we have the opportunity to merge the physical need for healing and alignment with the need for spiritual and emotional restoration. Mercury, the god of communication, will have gone direct in the Air Sign Aquarius, aligning with Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (crystallization). This gives us a leg up to gain new information and insight with which to network and create progress with our goals and plans. This is a fantastic energy to use for intention setting and magic related to healing and gaining insight and clarity! Use it for something spectacular!!!

Opportunity Days: February 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 13, 18, and 27

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