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February 2018 Femastrology

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February 2018 Femastrology

02 February Femastrology - AquariusBy Victoria Bearden

February 2018 will be quietly powerful, coming in on the heels of a Total Lunar Eclipse that occurred on January 31, 2018. If you had any “aha moments” over the past couple of weeks, pay attention. Meaningful events have been set in motion, and will play out over this month. There’s a Solar Eclipse ushering in the Chinese New Year mid-month, which is auspicious. More fateful happenings will start rolling in. It’s time to tune in and get the clarity you need to make solid plans for the rest of the year. Decisions you make this month will have a lasting imprint on what comes next. Get the information you need before you act. Be decisive and tackle problems that need to be solved. Aquarius Energy is like the Ace of Swords in the Tarot Deck. You must have the will and the vision of victory in your mind, above all else. Then, you must skillfully execute your plans.

The Sun in Aquarius asks us these questions: What does your future look like? Can you visualize it, sense it, and feel it? Who would you like to connect with? Who shares your idea of the future? Is it time to update, renovate, or renew important aspects of your life or business? Are you clinging to an old technology that just isn’t working for you anymore? It’s time to look at your own Master Plan for 2018. This may require new ideas, new knowledge, and even new people. With Aquarius, the temptation is to keep things in the realm of the thought, or the ideal. But this is a year of practicality. Those lofty Aquarius visions need to be brought down to earth in real time. And you’ll want to use February to really get some things moving, as there are no retrograde planets now. That will change in March, with both Mercury, the planet of communication, and Jupiter, the planet of expansion, going retro. New projects will have a better chance of taking hold if started over the next 4 weeks.

There’s a New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius on Thursday, February 15, 2018, at 10:06 am PST. Eclipses trigger both internal and external changes. The New Moon is always a time to reboot, and start again. This can mean letting go of some things from past cycles. Don’t be afraid of letting go. It will help you open up to receive. The principles of freedom and equality are ringing out, both personally, and globally. Liberate yourself from limiting thoughts. Seek out solutions that give you more flexibility. And don’t forget, Aquarius is an independent symbol, but also relates to the group dynamic. Get in to the spirit of give and take with friends, lovers, and colleagues.

An Eclipse around Valentine’s Day could be a deal maker or a heart-breaker. Relationships that seem restrictive and unbalanced will become a challenge now. Some relationships may need to radically change or even end. Partnerships that support mutual benefit should be nurtured, even if compromise is required. Feeling lonely? Join a meet up group or a dating service. Aquarian energy is strongly related to social awareness and networking. Think about how many people there are out there. It’s not time to isolate or hide your head in the sand. It’s time to participate and find common ground. Let’s hope some key players in World Politics get the memo!

The Year of the Earth Dog comes in on Friday, February 16, 2018, lining up with a with that New Moon/Solar Eclipse. And there will be some things to howl about in a good way! Earth Dog Energy can help forge strong bonds with trustworthy people. Canines are protective and will alert the tribe if something is wrong. If we are listening, we will get signs and signals of things in advance, so we can do something about problems before they show up in the middle of our lives. This vibration can help stabilize some things that got spun around during 2017, both financially, and personally. The problem with dogs is, they are instinctual beings. Sometimes they will lash out if they feel threatened. They also have a natural fear of strangers. Let’s hope that Fire Dog President Trump doesn’t respond by showing his teeth and barking his head off. Others may react with equal ferocity, trying to protect their own turf, even against a “bigger dog.” In this day and age, that could spark serious conflict in international relations. So, let’s put our hearts and minds towards one big, happy dog park for everyone here on planet earth. No offense to the cat people out there.

The Sun goes into Water Sign Pisces on February 19, 2018, bringing in a wave of creativity, compassion, and healing. Mercury and Venus will have already joined the Pisces Party, bringing our heads and hearts into harmony. This is stimulating for art, creative writing, and philanthropy. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, has been in it’s home sign since 2011, shining a spotlight on many important issues regarding the plight for those who cannot fight for themselves. The later part of the month is the perfect time to play it forward and assist those in need, in the spirt of Pisces, the divine helper and healer.

Opportunity Days: February 9, 10, 16, 17, 20, and 21

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