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Gay PDA: Why we don’t show affection when abroad

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Gay PDA: Why we don’t show affection when abroad

Gay PDA: Why we don’t show affection when abroad

Do you show affection in public when traveling? According to a recent research by Virgin Holidays, almost all LGBT couples who participated said that they don’t do PDA (Public Display of Affection) when abroad.

Here’s why:

Disparity between the experiences

Virgin Holidays surveyed 1,000 straight couples and 1,000 same-sex couples regarding their experiences while traveling. The results show a stark difference.

Straight couples report being at ease showing affection to a partner when abroad with more than eight in 10 straight couples (84 percent) being comfortable engaging in PDA when away.

LGBT+ couples feel far less at ease with only just one in twenty (5%) saying they feel comfortable showing their affection to a partner when abroad.

Discrimination from other travelers

The research revealed that one in three LGBT+ travelers experienced discrimination, including judgment and ridicule.

According to 40 percent of LGBT+ couples, discrimination was evident in other tourists. One in four of them said that they had been discriminated by other British holidaymakers.

58 percent of the LGBT+ travelers felt that they were being stared at while 35 percent said they were laughed at. 29 percent reported they have been verbally abused.

More importantly, one in ten LGBT+ travelers revealed that they had been threatened with physical violence while on holiday.

As a result, two-thirds of LGBT+ travelers felt uncomfortable engaging in PDA including applying sunscreen to their partner’s back.

Judgment from hotel staff

LGBT+ travelers reported that they had issues with hotel staff. A third revealed that they fear being judged by them.

More than half had their relationship status questioned, had been offered single hotel rooms, and had their beds separated by housekeeping staff.

As a result, 80 percent of LGBT+ couples refused to engage in PDA or merely to hold hands in public even inside their hotel.

Dealing with issues about gay PDA

We all know that there’s a big contrast in public opinion about homosexuality across the globe.

Society’s acceptance of the LGBT+ community varies greatly in different cultures, as do attitudes toward Gay PDA and gay relationships in general.

Unfortunately, LGBT+ couples can’t enjoy a simple holiday without fear of having to deal with various issues due to their sexuality.

This forces LGBT+ travelers to camouflage their sexuality to avoid any issues.

LGBT+ survey respondents confirmed this to be true for them when they said they changed the way they behaved with their partners while on holiday.

Same-sex couples adapted the way they acted and avoided PDA, including certain everyday activities to avoid discrimination.

A traveler’s lack of knowledge of local laws may be the reason for their lack of confidence.

80 percent of LGBT+ travelers believe that the travel industry doesn’t do enough to inform customers about local laws prior to departure.


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