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Girl code for lesbians to follow in relationships

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Girl code for lesbians

Girl code for lesbians to follow in relationships

If this is your first time to be in a lesbian relationship, don’t worry: there’s a girl code for lesbians that you can follow so you won’t feel lost.

If you’re wondering what “girl code” means, it refers to– as defined by UrbanDictionary.com– an unofficial list of rules or guidelines that girls and women have to follow among themselves.

Riffing on this, “girl code for lesbians” are a kind of guidelines you shouldn’t ignore if you want your lesbian relationship to last.

Girl code for lesbians #1: This isn’t a straight relationship

Pretty obvious, we know. The thing is, there are no genders in a lesbian relationship. Neither of you wear the pants nor expected to bring home the bacon while the other keeps the house clean.

In this relationship, you’re both women– and there are no expectations that one should be physically and emotionally stronger.

You’re equal partners in this relationship and the girl code lesbian says you should be supporting each other as women do.

Girl code for lesbians #2: You still have to work to make it work

It’s true, lesbians have a tendency to pour in more commitment in a relationship. But that doesn’t necessarily mean all you’ll be doing is lie in bed and love each other.

There will be struggles in the relationship, especially if you’re just starting– and especially if this is someone’s first time to be a lesbian.

You might think that being both women, your wavelengths will be in tune. But this will only happen if you’re willing to nurture your love for each other and have more understanding of each other’s quirks.

Girl code for lesbians #3: Jealousy will be part of any relationship

It has always been a common misconception that the number one issue lesbians face is jealousy. It’s been said that lesbians are more prone to jealousy than any other in the world.

Not true. Take our word for it: jealousy is a staple in a relationship because there’s love and passion, and there’s always the need to protect it.

But it’s not as if this is exclusive among women loving women. Jealousy is also felt in any relationship by both man and woman, lesbian and gay, opposite sex and same sex.

Girl code for lesbians #4: Be aware of emotional cheating

It’s so easy to be cheating on your partner emotionally because the thin line between friendship with another woman and having feelings for her is so very thin.

Women have women friends, that’s common knowledge, as is lesbians having lesbian friends.

But often, it’s easy to fall into the trap of crossing the line, and it doesn’t necessarily have to involve sex. Having feelings, alone, and being emotionally close to a person is dangerous.

Girl code for lesbians #5: There’s no butch and femme anymore

This isn’t the 1950s. She’s not the man and you’re not the woman. What you are, are two people in love.

There you go.

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