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How to have a happy family with two lesbian moms

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How to have a happy family with two lesbian moms

If you and your partner have a child or two already, you’ve probably wondering how well both of you will do as lesbian moms.

Not to worry. A series of studies over the past decade in the US and Canada indicate that having two lesbians moms in a family produce children who excel in life.

With that in mind, you might be wondering: can you give your children have a happy family if you have two lesbian moms?

Of course you can. But to help you out, here are some ideas we’ve collected that might help you in the long run.

Idea #1: Be open with the truth

We know it’s physically impossible for two women to create a child naturally. Right now, our options to have children is through adoption or using someone’s sperm to get pregnant.

That’s something not easy to tell your children. That’s why you need to remember that the first rule to family happiness is: be honest with your kids.

Tell your children the truth about how they came to be, and in the long run they’ll be proud and love you for it.

Idea #2: Have a male role model around

This idea may sound strange but hear us out. When your children start going to school, the impact of their diverse family life will become more prominent.

There will be Father’s Day, Family Day, Bring Your Father to School Day, etc. Your children might find things weird having two lesbian moms when they start comparing themselves to other children in school.

While not having a father around in the house is normal, it would help to have a male role model around as he can act as a secondary parental figure during school activities.

Idea #3: Love is important

Loving your children with all your heart is a given. But that’s not what we want to convey with this idea.

Rather, have a love-filled relationship with your partner. If your children see love and respect between the two of you, they will grow up with a positive belief in life.

Unhappiness stems from a hostile family life. If your children see that you two love each other– no matter what society says about LGBT parents– your children will become well-adjusted.

Idea #4: Help your children adjust

Acceptance of diverse families still has a long road ahead, especially for lesbian families like ours.

Our children will experience a lot in a society that’s still heterosexually-inclined and that’s not always open to LGBT families.

Be pro-active about your family life. One way is to talk to your kids’ school about your family setup as well as telling the parents of your kids’ friends.

This might be hard, but being open to the world about your own family can help lessen the impact of intolerance and discrimination on your kids.

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