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The irony and hypocrisy of Roy Moore

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Roy Moore

The irony and hypocrisy of Roy Moore

There’s a certain irony going with the issue with Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore and his support from the Republican Party and the religious far-right crowd.

After all, Moore is accused of sexual misconduct (and being an alleged child molester), which is hypocritical of him, given the amount of vitriol he’s constantly leveled against the LGBTQ community.

This story has now become absurd with a conservative columnist like Jennifer Rubin writing in the Washington Post about the Republican Party’s support of Moore: “Republicans risk being defined as the party of sexual predators.”

Roy Moore: Man of the (Republican) People

With accusations against Moore coming fast and furious, his supporters– including a number of religious conservatives– came together in a press conference Thursday to rally behind him.

Most of these supporters called critics and their attacks as the “LGBT mafia” and “homosexualist gay terrorism.”

Moore, a Christian conservative and a former judge, is running a senatorial campaign in Alabama. He’s also known for his hardline stance against LGBT rights and issues.

As the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, he was suspended when he refused to comply with the Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide.

The sexual allegations against Roy Moore

Moore was revealed by the Washington Post of allegedly initiating a sexual encounter with a 14-year old girl.

Nine other women have come forward who said Moore came after them or dated them when they were teenagers, and he was in his early 30s.

Moore, who has promised to bring his anti-LGBT stance to the US Senate if he gets elected on December 12, is contesting the allegations.

“They’re not only untrue, but they have no evidence to support them,” Moore said. “The Washington Post is not evidence.”

Republican support equals being anti-LGBT

These allegations aren’t changing the minds of rabid anti-LGBT supporters of Moore.

These include Rabbi Noson Leiter, Christian activists Steven Hotze and Flip Benham, Janet Porter of Faith2Action, former U.S. Ambassador Alan Keyes, and Christian right blogger Elizabeth Johnston.

Porter, the organizer of the press conference, said the speakers would not take questions from the media on the allegations against Moore.

Likewise, the Alabama Republican Party steering committee declared that it “supports Judge Roy Moore as our nominee and trusts the voters as they make the ultimate decision in this crucial race.”

Following Rubin’s point, it does make us wonder: these fanatics accuse the LGBT community of being predators of little girls.

But who’s the predator here again? A predator that the Republican Party is willing to bring all the way to the Senate?


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