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January 2017 Femastrology

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January 2017

January 2017 Femastrology

01 January Femastrology - CapricornMercury Retrograde Alert. The New Year gets off to a bumpy start with Mercury still retrograde until January 8, 2017. But not so fast! We really won’t be out of the woods with Mercury until at least a few days after that. So, if you want to run out and buy that new car, start your new project, or launch your new web site, please consider waiting until after January 15th at very least. It will work out better, trust me!

Mercury Retrograde is just like Murphy’s Law, which is always going on if you ask me. But during Mercury Retrograde periods (3 to 4 times a year), it’s worse. So when it comes to technology, schedules, communication, conveyances, and travel, Mercury Retrograde is like Murphy’s Law x 10. If you really want to play it safe with your new ideas, wait until after January 27th. If you are a Capricorn you will be more “aware” of this Mercury Retro cycle, as it is in your Sign.

Here is the Remaining Mercury Retro Timeline:

  1. Mercury Retrograde “For Reals” December 18, 2016 at 15 degrees Capricorn
  2. Things get intense again from January 1 – 9, 2017
  3. Mercury goes Direct on January 7, 2017
  4. We’re out of the woods by January 17, 2017, even more so by January 27, 2017

Mars is lined up with Neptune in Pisces for the first couple of days of the year, which is a bit of an issue. Mars if aggressive, Pisces is emotional and sensitive and Neptune can be sneaky and deceptive. That’s a pretty unsavory combo, and could bring up negative behavior in some people. At least it’s just a couple of days. If you find you are the one feeling weirdly angry and emotional, wait a few days before doing or saying anything you might regret. Pisces people born at the end of February should pay special attention to this one.

The Sun has its once-a-year rendezvous with Pluto on January 7, 2017. As an isolated event, it’s just a rather intense day. In the bigger scheme of things, the conjunction of these two will reanimate some deep tensions from the last five years. It’s good the process things, right? Then we can move on!

There is a Full Moon at 22 degrees Cancer on January 12, 2017, which will be part of a Grand Cardinal Cross. The Cross is formed with Capricorn Sun opposite the Cancer Full Moon, square on either side with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. Wow! Strong emotions will be sparked. The energy is dynamic and volatile. This is a good day to make a serious intention to stay balanced. We can expect to see some drama in the news on and around this Full Moon. This is powerful stuff, and can be channeled toward to good if you can stay focused. This Full Moon/Cardinal Cross has a strong relationship to the astrology of the United States and denotes a “karmic awakening” of some kind. Let’s hope its a “good” kind. Capricorns, if your birthday falls around this Full Moon, pay attention, you are going to have an amazing year.

There’s a New Moon at 8 degrees Aquarius on January 27, 2017. And there is an auspicious window of opportunity this day at about 4:00 PM Pacific Time. If you want to do something important or form a powerful intention for the New Year, this would be a good time and day to do it.

The Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster begins on January 28, 2017. The Fire Rooster has an alternate symbol, that of the Fire Phoenix. The Fire Bird mythology is dramatic and powerful, having links to shamanism and the resurrection and Second Coming of Christ, among other things. I prefer the links to Harry Potter, personally. This will be a year of new starts, awakenings, death, and rebirth.

It will also be a year of conflict and competition. In the barnyard, Roosters want to be at the top of the “pecking order.” And cocks will viciously fight to attain dominance. Elementally, the energy of is likened to Fire melting Metal. Picture a blacksmith working with molten metal to make a sword.  The result is an electric and hot atmosphere, which can be a source of creativity, but also great tension. People in power positions will be doing a lot of aggressive posturing and will be willing to follow through with some of it. The world political environment will be “heating up.”

Despite the tension and imbalance that will dominate in 2017, this year could actually be good for new relationships and weddings! Go figure. The Chinese suggest wearing a lot of red to attract the right mate this year… hmmm.

Financially, there will be a great temptation to roll the dice and take risks. But gambling with your money may not work out well, as there is an element of instability at play, which can mean lots of ups and downs. So don’t let the lure of easy money make you over-confident, particularly with the stock market or a start-up business.

Rooster Years are a blend of righteousness and justice, bombast and logistical efficiency. All things related to the military, police, government, and administrative jobs will be highlighted. So, in a nutshell, get ready for another wild ride

Opportunity Days: January 5,6,7,8,16,18,20,21, and 27

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