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July Femastrology 2018

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July Femastrology 2018

07 July Femastrology - CancerBy Victoria Bearden

July will be a wild ride. There’s a lot of planetary activity this month and it certainly won’t be boring. Be ready to dig deep into your inner psyche and feelings. Many fateful events are coming that will stir up powerful emotions. We’ll have eclipses and Mercury retrograde, so things are about to actively change in our personal lives, and in the world. Embrace new circumstances with calm awareness.

We have come to the “crossroads” many times in human history. But now, in the Aquarian Age, with instant global communication, everybody knows it. This is a time of great change and great challenge, which will be abundantly clear as we head towards 2020 and beyond. Many say we are at a “tipping point.” The Chinese symbol for “crisis” is composed of the characters for “danger” and “opportunity.” And times like these always have both elements present. There’s never been a better time to use spiritual energy and the power of positive thinking to channel creative forces into the material world around us. I encourage everyone to look upon the current changes in our reality as an open doorway to do just that!

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn signify a great shift in awareness about our lives here on earth. The primary focus of this shift has to do with worldly power, and how it is used or abused. It also has to do with our resources on this planet, and how they are used or abused. The extremely polarized attitudes and situations we see in the world around us are a definite sign of both what we need to learn, and what we need to leave behind. We humans are at the crossroads, to a new way of seeing, and a new way of being. But evolution is not always a calm and peaceful process. The bottom line is, we can do better. And many people on this planet would like to see that happen, so don’t forget that!

The Sun in Cancer asks us these questions: What represents security and safety in your life? Can you connect or reconnect with loved ones in a positive, meaningful way? How can you stand up for your moral values and ideals in a proactive and progressive way? Are you willing to accept people whose philosophies differ from your own? Are you willing to release old emotional patterns that are no longer valid in your life? Water Sign Cancer takes us deep into the realm of emotion, where we can dive in to feelings, memories, and attachments. Cancer is loyal, loving, and tribal in many ways. But sometimes Cancer’s need for security can turn into protectionism and fear of people outside our group. Collectively, we will be challenged to go beyond our own tendencies to be clannish, and find ways integrate with those who are “foreign” to us. On the personal level, this will be a time of deep introspection and emotional revelations. The temptation may be to retreat, put your head in the sand, and pull back into the safety of your “shell.” But facing important issues and getting to the “heart” of the matter will prove to be the best way to get something useful out of this cycle.

There’s a Solar Eclipse at 20° degrees Cancer on Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 7:48 PDT. This is the first in a series of 3 eclipses that will happen this summer. And this one is going to be a dilly. Eclipses tend to stir the pot. Things that have been building and brewing have a way of coming to the surface. The Cancer Solar Eclipse will definitely fire up strong feelings, intensity, and some upheaval, as it lines up in a powerful opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Power struggles and interpersonal conflict are likely, so you’ll need to quite literally “choose your battles.” And do it wisely. People will not feel like cooperating much, so attempt to take the high road and hold out an olive branch whenever possible. This is doubly true since Mars, the planet of war and aggression, is retrograde now. Affirming peace and maintaining grace under pressure will surely save that day on many occasions this month, so keep that in mind.

Mercury will turn Retrograde at 23° Leo on Wednesday, July 25, 2018, at 10:02 pm PDT. We will begin to feel “under the influence” as early as July 7, 2018. It’s time for extra patience and thoroughness in all important matters. Check and double check appointments, plans and travel itineraries. Back up data and get make sure vehicles are working properly. Avoid signing contracts or making major purchases. Don’t buy anything you can’t take back and save those receipts! Elective surgeries will be best delayed until later in September. Communication will be tougher than usual, so don’t assume anything and watch what you say. Since it’s Leo, people may be much more prideful and aggressive, so try not to add fuel to the fire if people become bossy and overbearing. Many important lessons from the past will come to light, and people from the past will surface. Mercury Retrograde can actually help us solve past problems and release unwanted attachments! See, it is good for something!

Here is the Mercury Retrograde Timeline:

1. July 7-21: The First Mercury Retro “Shadow” beings creeping in early July, foreshadowing things to come. This is sort of like Mercury Retrograde “light” but definitely noticeable if you are watching. Tie up loose ends and get things in order.

2. July 22-31: The First Mercury Retrograde “Storm.” This is when things really start slipping sideways, leading up to and including the actual day Mercury “stations” and begins the retrograde motion. Since it’s Leo, dealing with bosses and those in authority might be touchy. People will be quite likely to take things very, very personally. Watch your own tendencies to try to dominate and control others.

3. July 25, 2018: Mercury Retrograde 23° Leo: If you know your astrology chart, take a look to see what house Mercury will transit. It will give you hints about what to troubleshoot. This would be a good day to stick to a normal, lowkey routine.

4. August 14-22: The Second Mercury Retrograde “Storm.” This is when things get wacky and chaotic again, leading up to and including the day Mercury goes direct. But at least we’re heading out of the woods!

5. August 18, 2018: Mercury Direct at 11° Leo. Hallelujah! Remember, it takes a little while to catch up with itself, so pace yourself. The energy will be potent and a little unpredictable today.

6. August 22-Sept 1: The Second Mercury Retrograde Shadow. This is a milder form of the energy, so not as big of a deal. Time to play catch up and fix and nagging issues that might still need resolution.

The Sun enters Fire Sign Leo on Sunday, July 22, 2018. The energy shifts to fire, representing action, strength, and leadership.

There’s a Lunar Eclipse on Friday, July 27, 2018 at 04° Aquarius. This one will have quite a kick to it, as the eclipse will line up with retrograde Mars. Tempers will flare. Things that have been hidden will come to light. Secrets will be revealed. And I’m not going to lie, this planetary influence will stir up volatile and potentially violent feelings in some people. Hostility is likely to erupt, both personally, and on the world stage. But it is also an incredible opportunity to clear “stuck” energy and emotions. Keep an even keel and consciously direct your thoughts and actions towards peace and goodness. Many will be moved to stand up for their beliefs. Aquarius is related to humanitarian concerns, rights, and freedoms and we will all see these themes playing out on the world stage as things heat up in the cosmos.

Opportunity Days: July 6, 16, 21, 23, 28, and 31

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