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July Femastrology 2021

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Cancer 2021

July Femastrology 2021

by Astrologer and Psychic, Victoria Bearden

The Halfway Mark: As we head to the halfway point of 2021 things are still a bit wobbly, in case you haven’t noticed. There are a whole bunch of things going on with those crazy stars and planets that keep stirring things up. This is par for the course here on planet Earth, but things are different now. We all just experienced the astrological event of a lifetime in 2020 when the fateful conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn hit its peak. As I mentioned on YouTube back in 2019, “There will be the world before 2020, and the world after 2020.” This is not a bad thing, but it is a BIG thing.

Given last year’s Saturn/Pluto event, it’s far from “business as usual” yet in 2021. In fact, we really are in uncharted territory. This is true in many ways, both personally and globally. Some things may feel more “normal” for some, but the ice remains thin and there is good reason for a sober and realistic attitude.

When looking at the broader scope of human activity, this all might seem rather inconsequential. History will be the judge of that, I suppose. In the meantime, if you feel you are hearing the call of spirit, and you want to do things that will help your fellow beings at this momentous time, please, by all means, join in! Your positive actions and spiritual goodwill are definitely needed and will not go to waste.

A Path to Empowerment: You might be asking yourself, “What can I do? This is awfully big, isn’t it?” But every little bit helps. Taking care of yourself, body, mind, and spirit, is a great start. Lead by example. Elevate your own vibration. And help where you can. Some people are called to bear the weight of the world on their shoulders, and some are not. But don’t forget, the smallest of good gestures can be the start of something grand. It is hard to remember this when we get caught up in the dramas and traumas. But don’t forget your own worth. Love yourself, and respect yourself. Will yourself to connect to positive energy and positive thinking. Dedicate yourself to the pursuit of peace and goodness. Acknowledge your human frailty, and don’t beat yourself up. And call upon the unseen world of Spirit whenever you need to. You are not alone.

Water and Earth: The Sun in Cancer evokes the spirit of helping and healing. Cancer symbolizes the love of a mother for her child. Caring and nurturing come to mind. This sign is directly related to the home, our families, our parents, our ancestors, our territory, and our country. The sign of the crab is notably patriotic, but can also be clannish and exclusionary. When cornered, crustaceans can get pretty mean, and Cancer doesn’t like to get messed with!

Although people might get very touchy this month, the preponderance of Water and Earth will serve as a calming force, giving greatly needed comfort and stability to those who need it. This vibration will enhance creative and spiritual energy as well. This should be a wellspring of loveliness for one and all, but particularly for the empaths and artists among you. Venus and Mars in Leo will also light the spark of passion for those looking for some action!

US Solar Return: The USA is having a birthday this month, and things are looking up. We could be at the beginning of a better economic trend. which is sorely needed. But the powerful struggles that have emerged at the onset of the US Pluto return that began in 2020 will continue to roll out. Nevertheless, I remain cautiously optimistic in this regard. The US is transforming, so why not towards something better?

Saturn Square Uranus: The clash between new and old, liberal and conservative, and authority and freedom goes on, as Saturn and Uranus continue their tense relationship. This kind of transit is never fun but can lead to positive change. It’s the “push comes to shove” factor, and it’s the main planetary theme of 2021. When all the easy answers have been tried, something else must be done. Things will change because they have to. So don’t fight it. Join it. Let’s continue to be positive and work towards problem-solving, better communication, and a better future.

There’s a New Moon at 18° Cancer on July 9, 2021, at 6:17 PM, PDT. New Moons are very potent, as they represent a reset of the vibrational forces of the planet. There’s drama in the air, as the Sun and Moon in Cancer oppose Pluto. This will bring about significant endings that lead to new beginnings in the weeks that follow. Some struggles may come to a head, but this might serve to release tension. The Sun and Moon make a harmonious trine to mystical Neptune, bringing forth compassion and creativity. Use your magic and intention setting to bring about harmony for home and family.

The Sun enters Leo on July 22, 2021. Happy Birthday my lions! Leo time is always lively and active. The Sun enters the sign of the big cat the day before the Full Moon in Aquarius, bringing in a big power surge. Use it for something special.

There’s a Full Moon at 01° Aquarius on July 23, 2021, at 7:36 PM PDT. Full Moons are always a little intense, but this one has an overtly positive tone. The Leo/Aquarius dynamic highlights the necessity of integrating individual needs with the needs of society. There’s a nice trine between Mercury and Neptune, which is fantastic for psychic work, creative writing, and compassionate communication. Venus and Mars are close, opening the doors to passion and inspiration.

Opportunity Days: July 7, 9, 14, 19, 21, 23, and 30

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