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Lesbian health issues that could affect you

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Lesbian health issues

Lesbian health issues that could affect you

There are certain lesbian health issues that you should worry about, like the much dreaded HIV. Though this mostly targets gays, this is as much a health issue for lesbians as well.

But thanks to the wide-range of information on health issues available, it’s good to know what to watch out for and how to avoid them.

Lesbian health issues: Sexually-transmitted

AIDS is a viral infection that is primarily transmitted sexually. But the health issue lesbians should be conscious about is the human papillomavirus virus or HPV.

Just like HIV and AIDS, this virus has no cure. HPV is transmitted mostly through digital-vaginal or digital-anal contact. With lesbians, this would mean sharing penetrative sex toys or the use of fingers.

One way to avoid it is through protective sex. If you use sex toys, try not to share them. Use a condom if you have to. Wash them before and after using to sanitize them.

Other sexually transmitted infections you should be concerned about are bacterial vaginosis and genital herpes.

If you can, get yourself and your partner tested for these diseases to be sure neither of you have infections you can pass onto each other.

The best way, of course, is to be in a monogamous relationship. This way you’re certain infections through sex will never happen.

Lesbian health issues: Substance abuse

Lesbians also suffer from substance abuse, ranging from alcohol to drug abuse. We’ve talked about a number of lesbians who are heavy drinkers because of different factors.

These range from coping with the stress of coming out as a lesbian to the social milieu of bars and clubs.

Another reason lesbians are substance abusers is because it numbs the effects of societal discrimination.

For those who are already heavy substance abusers, there are facilities specifically for lesbians that can help kick the habit.

Proper health care for lesbians

You should also ensure that the health care you’re getting is specific for you as a lesbian.

A lot of lesbians are afraid to disclose to their doctors their real sexuality. Because of this, the proper treatment for lesbian illnesses aren’t recommended.

An important health issue also on the table is that medical insurances don’t cover same sex relationships.

For this reason, the level of health care between same-sex domestic partners is not on par with heterosexual relationships.

One way to prevent this is to be forthright about your sexuality. This way, doctors who are trained with your disease will know how to treat you.

This can widen the understanding for healthcare professionals as well.

On the other side of the patient-doctor relationship, some doctors and nurses also have limited knowledge in addressing diseases that target lesbians.

Though this burden is on the medical profession to address, you need to ensure your doctor knows what to do when dealing with the LGBT community.

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