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Lesbian wedding proposal ideas: How to make her say yes

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lesbian wedding proposal ideas

Lesbian wedding proposal ideas: How to make her say yes

lesbian wedding proposal ideas
Look at the image above: doesn’t that image of a lesbian wedding proposal make you wanna say “Awww”?

Because we can now get married, anyone who’s been in a queer relationship has probably come up with a number of wedding proposal ideas at some point.

Some of your ideas are cheesy, and some ideas probably worked only in movies. But when the cheesy side in us rears its romantic head, we double down on imagining even more ways of proposing to her.

Since wedding proposals have become a reality for us lesbians, here are five weddings proposal ideas that will spin your girlfriend’s head so fast, it will probably make her say yes immediately.

Lesbian wedding proposal #1: The Flashmob

Admit it, the concept of a flashmob is cute. We catch every video of it that shows up on our news feed.

Hire or, if you have a lot of friends, gather people who will perform your wedding proposal flashmob. Get them to practice your most favorite theme song.

Next, contract a section of a park you usually hang out in or at a restaurant to do the flashmob. Set an appointed time when you and your girlfriend have settled comfortably at the designated place.

At the exact time, let your flashmob performers do their thing. Make sure your performers will make her feel this is for her.

At the end, fish out the engagement ring and say the words.

Lesbian wedding proposal #2: The Webpage

If both of you are into technology, make use of your love for the internet.

Create a website that will carry all your photos, videos, scanned copies of your love letters to each other, your favorite quotes, movies, and songs.

Use your imagination when designing the page.

On one page of the site, have it ask the question: Will you marry me? Ask her to reply to this. Link the reply to your email so you’ll immediately know.

Lesbian wedding proposal #3: The Oyster Shell

If you want a more private proposal: invite her for a night of dinner at your place.

Get a big oyster shell and put the engagement ring inside. Serve the oyster during dinner. After she opens it, do your proposal.

Lesbian wedding proposal #4: The Poem

If you’re a writer, or even a writer at heart, write her a poem of how much you love her.

Put in all the reasons why your love for each other is forever, including all the happy times you have together.

Then set a night– maybe at a location where you can see the city lights or the stars– and then read it to her.

Because this is a poem, read it from the heart so she can hear the truth of your words. Then ask her the question.

Lesbian wedding proposal #5: The Movie Trailer

This one would need a budget. But because we can now legally propose marriage to each other, why not live a little?

Make a short movie of your memories together: photos, videos, favorite movies, quotes, songs, and books.

Hire a spot at your local movie house to show this video prior to the feature movie, like it’s part of the movie trailers.

Afterwards, ask the question: (altogether now) Will you marry me?

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