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Lesbian Netflix TV shows and chill

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Jessica Jones_Netflix

Lesbian Netflix TV shows and chill

Jessica Jones_Netflix

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we thought you’d enjoy it with your significant other in a special way by utilizing the greatest invention of the 21st century: Netflix.

(Okay, maybe it’s the other greatest invention of the 21st century. This is the first.)

Thanks to all of these LGBT and LGBT-flavored shows on Netflix, you can sit back, click on a good TV show that has lesbian themes on it, and chill this February 14.

Welcome to the future, baby!

Jessica Jones

Netflix show #1: Jessica Jones

This Netflix show is dark. It’s noir, after all. And it’s the first production by Marvel to feature a lesbian.

Jeri Hogarth, played by Carrie-Anne Moss, is a lesbian lawyer who helps out the superhero-slash-private investigator Jessica Jones.

Jeri was originally a man in the comic series. But her crazy love life– lesbian marriage, divorce, and infidelity– works so well in this world.

Miss Fisher

Netflix show #2: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

This Australian TV show featured on Netflix set in the 1920s is wild. The fashionable flapper, Miss Phryne (Fry-nee) Fisher, goes to bed with any man she fancies. She’s also a great private investigator.

The best part about it is that her friend, Dr Mac, is a lesbian. They met during the war and Fisher often comes to her for medical advice about cases.


Netflix show #3: Rosewood

Another show about solving crimes, this time it’s about a pathologist: Dr Beaumont Rosewood, Jr., who studies cases for the Miami law enforcement and solves them.

Helping him is his sister Pippy who is engaged to TMI. TMI is a girl, in case you didn’t get it.


Netflix show #4: Gotham

It’s not so much about Batman but his friend in the Gotham police, Jim Gordon. This show is about the younger days of the soon-to-be police commissioner.

In season 1, we learn that Gordon’s girlfriend (but they break up middle of the run) was an ex of Renee Montoya of the Major Crimes Division, a hot Latina with a badge.


Netflix show #5: Fresh Off The Boat

This really funny show isn’t just a breath of fresh air among sitcoms, it’s also lesbian-friendly.

Set in the 1990s, it’s about a Chinese family struggling to keep a cowboy-themed steak restaurant in the middle of the very white Orlando, Florida.

The wife, a very Tiger Mother of this Chinese clan, ends up hanging out at a lesbian bar when she’s feeling stressed out. She soon becomes fast friends with the lesbian bartender, Deb.

Orange is the New Black

Netflix show #6: Orange is the New Black

If you don’t know this show, we suggest you know it.

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