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Lesbian oral sex tips for dummies

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Lesbian oral sex

Lesbian oral sex tips for dummies

Lesbian oral sex is, by far, one of the mind-blowing sexual intercourses between two women.

So we’re a little surprised when some lesbians ask us how we do it. We thought it comes with the package once a lesbian is born.

To those asking, here are some tips on how to do lesbian oral sex.

Lesbian oral sex tip #1: Foreplay

Lesbian oral sex isn’t foreplay as some people think it is. It’s an entire intercourse altogether that can make your partner reach orgasm again and again.

So when going down on your woman, do a little foreplay. Nothing helps a successful lesbian oral sex than an already wet, swollen, raging vagina.

For foreplay, you can do kissing, or mashing of breasts or even fingering lightly just to let her feel you’ll be going there soon.

Lesbian oral sex tip #2: Lick everything

When doing lesbian oral sex, you don’t just focus on the clitoris. Your tongue should be exploring everything, from the inner thighs to the labia to the vulva.

We know the clitoris is where she will get her orgasm, but to make it mind-blowingly good, you have to lick the other parts as well before you get to the good stuff.

If you remember those lollipops with gum inside them, that’s your strategy with the gum as the orgasm. Everything has to be consumed because all these are part of the experience.

Lesbian oral sex tip #3: Tell her how beautiful she is

There are a lot of women who are still conservative when it comes to sex. Lesbian oral sex is the last thing these sex-shy women would do.

As a woman, you know how awkward it can be with your legs stretched wide open and your partner seeing your hoo-hoo in all its glory (when you, yourself, haven’t even seen it.)

Some are embarrassed how vaginas can smell and taste weird. So use affirming words to assure her. Tell her how beautiful she is from that angle, how heavenly you feel being down there.

Words have power, and making love isn’t any different.

Lesbian oral sex tip #4: Reading her responses

Some people don’t do lesbian oral sex because they think they don’t know how. But how hard is it when there is instant gratification? You will know you’re doing it right by her responses. Trust us.

The first sign that she likes it is when she starts pressing on your lips. This isn’t to help you, this is a natural reaction that she wants this to go on.

The second sign is if she starts getting wet, or if she already was, she gets wetter. The wetness of her vagina has more oily feel than saliva, so when it’s easier to slide around, that’s your clue.

Third, she starts moaning mixed with a rapid breathing and she’s humping your face already. That’s not even arousal anymore but she’s nearing climax.

Lesbian oral sex tip #5: These are just tips

Making love is the one thing you can never teach another person, not unless you’re guiding her as you’re doing it.

Like snowflakes, there are no identical ways to make a woman orgasm. Everyone is different.

So while we can give you all the tips in the world, only by exploring your partner will you know how to properly do it.

This is also why we encourage to stick to one partner because there’s so much to explore in one woman.

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