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LGBT people believe COVID vaccination is everyone’s responsibility

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COVID vaccination

LGBT people believe COVID vaccination is everyone’s responsibility

A survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) reported that while many LGBT adults want to get COVID vaccination, they also believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect public health.

The survey by the nonprofit health organization was part of their latest report, the COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor, on how the pandemic has affected the LGBT community.

The LGBT community on the COVID vaccination

The group’s survey was based on interviews conducted in December and January of 3,239 adults, including 174 who self-identified as LGBT. They used a nationally representative random digit dial telephone sample

With regard to vaccine intentions, the group reported that LGBT people are eager to get vaccinated as other Americans.

However, around 75 percent view it more as a part of everyone’s responsibility to protect the public health as opposed to 24 percent that view it as a personal choice (24%).

In comparison, non-LGBT individuals are more or less equally likely to say this part of everyone’s responsibility at 48 percent and a personal choice at 49 percent.

The objective of the KFF project looks at public opinion of vaccine development and distribution, including vaccine confidence and acceptance.

How LGBT people have been affected

The survey also reported that many more LGBT adults reported economic losses and mental health struggles as compared to their non-LGBT counterparts.

For example, 56 percent of LGBT adults said they or a household member lost a job or income because of the pandemic, as compared to 44 percent of non-LGBT adults.

Meanwhile, 74 percent of LGBT adults said worry and stress because of the pandemic has had a negative impact on their mental health. However, only 49 percent of non-LGBT people reported the same.

More LGBT people or 49 percent said this negative impact has been major, as compared to 23 percent of non-LGBT people.

The differences between LGBT and non-LGBT adults have been attributed to different factors, like LGBT individuals are more likely to work in health care, restaurants, and other areas greatly affected by the pandemic.

LGBT individuals are also more likely to have lower average incomes, and may experience discrimination and stigma, especially in accessing health care.

LGBT views on COVID vaccination

More importantly, the LGBT community’s views on vaccination as a collective responsibility could stem from their experience with HIV.

Previous findings have already indicated that the LGBT community faces greater risk because of the health and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report also gathered views of LGBT people during the present pandemic, especially their concerns in relation to the vaccine.

For example, a black bisexual female in Florida said: “Honestly, I just think that the vaccine was “rushed,” but I’ll probably consider it later on the future for any side affects of any kind.”

Meanwhile, a white transgender male in California said: “My biggest concern is actually getting the vaccine on a timely manner and then the second dose. With so much chaos in this country.”

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