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LGBT support for Hillary Clinton through LPAC

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Hillary Clinton and LGBT

LGBT support for Hillary Clinton through LPAC

Hillary Clinton and LGBT
US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton issued an LGBT policy plan last December, and called for an outright ban on using conversion therapy for LGBT children recently.

These moves were roundly applauded by LPAC, the country’s first and only lesbian political action committee, which had endorsed Clinton last April to become the next– and the first woman– US president.

Hillary Clinton’s support for LGBT issues

Prior to Clinton’s declaration of her LGBT platform, she had made 10 promises to LGBT America when she becomes president.

Last December, she laid out a more a comprehensive policy paper on LGBT issues to attain these promises. These range from passing the Equality Act, ending the use of conversion therapy on minors, protecting the rights of transgender people, and a whole lot more.

LPAC had lauded Clinton’s position paper on LGBT issues.

LPAC Executive Director Beth Shipp said: “LPAC celebrates Secretary Clinton’s strong LGBT Policy Plan, of critical importance as we face an election that will have a vital and lasting impact on the future of America– perhaps like no election we have seen before with the rights we have worked so hard to achieve facing constant threat and erosion; and, with so much left to do.”

On the other hand, Clinton said last week in a tweet that she wanted to ban conversion therapy: “It is time to end conversion therapy for minors. We should be supporting LGBT kids– not trying to change them.”

There are only five states that explicitly ban conversion therapy for minors: California, New Jersey, Illinois, Oregon, and Washington.

LGBT’s support for Hillary Clinton

For her efforts, Clinton has been getting a lot of support from the LGBT community.

Only this week, Aditi Hardikar, the Obama administration’s primary liaison to the gay, bisexual and transgender community for more than a year, had stepped down from her position to join Clinton’s presidential campaign as finance director for coalitions.

What’s more, LPAC was the first national LGBT organization to back Clinton in the coming elections.

LPAC and Hillary Clinton

LPAC’s support includes setting up a Lesbians 4 Hillary campaign, co-chaired by sports icon Billie Jean King, a longtime supporter of both LPAC and Clinton.

LPAC Board Chair Laura Ricketts said: “Hillary is an unyielding advocate for LGBTQ women. Our endorsement today represents LPAC’s strong support of her candidacy.”

“Hillary’s campaign for president represents an historic opportunity for LGBTQ women of all ages and from all backgrounds to come together to elect a president who we know will stand with us,” Shipp added.

On the other hand, King said: “I am honored to join LPAC and help lead our effort to elect Hillary Clinton in 2016.”

For more information on LPAC’s support of Hillary Clinton, check out this month’s issue of Lesbian News on how LPAC was a proud early supporter of Clinton’s campaign as described by Shipp.

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