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LGBT voters for Trump doubled in 2020 election

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LGBT voters

LGBT voters for Trump doubled in 2020 election

In the wake of the November 2020 elections, a New York Times survey reported that LGBT voters who went for President Donald Trump had doubled since 2016.

In their survey, LGBT voters that supported Trump was at 28 percent from 14 percent when the incumbent president went up against Hillary Clinton.

Early exit polls of LGBT voters

The NYT survey was taken from early exit polls asking 15,590 people at polling places, early voting sites, and through phone calls.

Of those who self-identified as LGBT, 28 percent voted for Trump, while 61 percent voted for Joe Biden.

In comparison, during the exit polls of the 2016 national election, Clinton got 78 percent of the LGBT vote.

The increase in LGBT voters who supported Trump in the recent election is despite the anti-LGBT actions of the Trump administration against the community in the past four years.

There are approximately nine million registered LGBT voters in the US.

Survey of gay voters supporting Trump

This supports a poll conducted last September by queer dating app Hornet of 10,000 gay men users worldwide.

Of 1,200 gay American men in the survey, 51 percent said they would support Biden in the election while 45 percent said they would vote for Trump.

When asked about their support of Trump’s term as president, 16 percent said they fully support him against 49 percent that said they don’t support him at all.

More interesting, there were 10 percent of American gay men who don’t support Trump at at all but would still vote for him.

Pro-Trump LGBT voters: Who are they?

USA Today– in partnership with The 19th, a nonprofit, nonpartisan newsroom reporting on gender, politics and policy– came out with a profile of LGBT voters who supported Trump and the Republican Party.

As reported by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law, 15 percent of LGBT people are Republicans as compared to 35 percent of the general public.

These LGBT conservatives have the same values as other conservatives with the belief in small government, have an “America-First” mindset, and are anti-abortion.

However, LGBT conservatives see the rollback of LGBT rights by Trump as part of a “larger deregulation campaign to limit the powers of the federal government, not as a targeted attack on gay and transgender rights.”

What’s more, conservatives that are gay, lesbian, and bisexual openly question the validity of transgender people.

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