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How the LGBTQ under Trump is faring

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LGBTQ under Trump

How the LGBTQ under Trump is faring

A month after the new administration was ushered in, there’s a trembling chill being felt by the community of LGBTQ under Trump.

After eight years with the friendliest president to the community– it was under then-President Barack Obama’s administration that the milestone same-sex marriage was approved– it seems like the Dark Age is approaching.

Or as the Games of Thrones put it, “Winter is coming.”

LGBTQ under Trump, post-inauguration

Even before the inauguration of President Donald Trump, rumors of the dismantling what the LGBTQ activists had built in the past years were being screamed in the corridors.

According to claims by his supporters (including some LGBT Republicans), Trump is considered as the least anti-LGBT Republican president to be elected.

Still, the LGBT under Trump has been wary of his promises not to touch the protections that are supposed to defend the community.

They’re cautious of him, to say the least: from his very anti-LGBT VP to the conservative cabinet that he’s been appointing, and now the moves to reverse the government LGBT protections.

LGBTQ under Trump and the Bathroom Bill

Just recently, Trump revoked the right of transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice.

The president reversed the signature initiative of former President Obama that threatened to pull out government funding on public schools that disallows transgender kids to choose the bathroom of their preferred sex.

Although, the federal court has frozen on the decision for this, Trump argued that federal court has less authority than public schools to decide on how to run their schools.

“Revoking the guidance shows that the president’s promise to protect LGBT rights was just empty rhetoric,” James Esseks, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s LGBT project, said in a statement.

On account of this, rallies has been set-up to protest the moves Trump has been doing or planning to do.

After the president revoked the bill, 200 protestors rallied in front of the White House to show their anger at this action.

LGBTQ under Trump: Watchful and wary

Prior to the inauguration, many personalities had pledged to boycott Trump’s swearing in, including Representatives Mark Takano of California and Mark Pocan of Wisconsin, who are both gay.

Likewise, the Human Rights Campaign propagated an email launching the “defy” logo. In the email, they called out to the LGBT community to defy Trump the minute he does something that would pose danger to the community.

A New York rally was held early this February outside Stonewall. More than 2,000 LGBTs and their supporters gathered at the Stonewall Inn and chanted “dump Trump” because of his “extremist agenda.”

The rally was led by Senator Chuck Schumer and participants warned Trump of touching the rights of same-sex people to get married.

LGBTQ under Trump: Lesbians on the march

During the recent Women’s March in Washington, DC, a huge percentage of protestors were lesbians.

Carrying placards that said “I’m with her”, the march drew millions of women, men and children, even as simultaneous rallies happened in Los Angeles and New York.

Three national LGBT rights organizations lent their support for one of the biggest rallies of women: The National Center for Lesbian Rights, Human Rights Campaign, and GLAAD.

Though it’s still early in the game, the LGBTQ community has to be ready for any threat by President Donald Trump. More important, we need to consider if rallies and marches are enough to fight off the coming winter.

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