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The lowdown on first time lesbian sex

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First time lesbian sex

The lowdown on first time lesbian sex

First time lesbian sex
If you’re about to have first time lesbian sex and the only thing you know about it comes from women-to-women porn videos, you should update your knowledge a bit.

After all, it’s the 21st century and you might be the only one left thinking that’s how two women in love have sex.

If there’s a chance you might be having sex with another woman for the first time any time soon, here’s a lowdown on how to do it– and not as if a man is watching.

First time lesbian sex: Masturbation

The very first thing you have to know about lesbian sex is that it’s primarily masturbating your partner. This is why having sex with a woman is so good.

If you’ve masturbated, then you know where to touch yourself to make it feel so good.

When having sex with a woman, touch her in the places you, yourself, found pleasurable. That’s it, you’ve hit a homerun.

First time lesbian sex: Talking

There’s more to us than just having an orgasm. After all, It’s not your body and there are places you need to understand to be able to navigate.

That’s why asking your partner which spot feels good is also important. On one hand, she can tell you precisely to concentrate on a spot. On the other hand, it deepens your bond as you get to know each other.

As our teachers always say: if you don’t know, ask.

First time lesbian sex: Breasts

Don’t be shocked but when you’re both naked in bed and exploring each other, this will be the first time you will come close to looking at another person’s breasts.

It might be disconcerting to some and exciting for others. But know this: you will always be in the company of a pair of breasts when you’re having sex.

For some women, they don’t like their breasts being touched. For some, this is their first step to foreplay. So this might play a big role to whatever happens next.

Ask first if she likes her breasts being touched. If yes, touch then gently. Also consider how you want yours to be touched and be open to your partner about it.

First time lesbian sex: Fingering

Fingering can range from playing with her clitoris, which can make her reach orgasm. Or, it can be inserting your fingers into her.

If it’s her first time too, you might want to start with just one finger. Also, enter her only if she is wet.

One sure-fire way of having mind-blowing sex is fingering her on the clit. When she is on the verge of coming, go in and out of her until she is done.

First time lesbian sex: Keep calm

Don’t worry if it didn’t work out as you thought it would. Expectations are what usually ruins a game.

It’s your first time. It won’t be your last.

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