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LPAC, HRC pushing to get the lesbian vote out

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Lennie and Pearl - Lesbian vote

LPAC, HRC pushing to get the lesbian vote out

Lennie and Pearl - Lesbian voteWith only a few more days until election day, two groups– the Human Rights Campaign and LPAC (the country’s first LGBTQ-women’s Super PAC)– are pushing to get the lesbian vote out for Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton.

Two weeks ago, the HRC released two video ads centering on North Carolina and featuring North Carolina lesbian partners Lennie Gerber and Pearl Berlin.

Likewise, the LPAC released their own video several days ago urging LGBTQ-women to vote in a last-minute push for Clinton.

Lesbian vote: Gerber and Berlin

The HRC videos– which were created with the help of Equality NC– feature Gerber and Berlin, a couple known for their political activism.

Before the Supreme Court granted nationwide marriage equality, the couple were plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit that overturned North Carolina’s same-sex marriage ban.

“Who am I voting for? Why would you even ask?” Berlin said in one video, adding that: “It’s well past time for America to have a woman president. If Hillary’s sitting in the White House, I shall be very happy.”

The HRC videos were specifically targeted for North Carolina as a controversial bill passed earlier this year prohibiting cities from coming up with anti-discrimination measures (HB2) is up for the vote.

Speaking about the referendum, Gerber said: “HB2 is totally unconstitutional. It has cost us millions and millions of dollars. Every single vote counts and you can’t say ‘Well my vote doesn’t count.’ It does.”

Meanwhile, Equality NC Executive Director Chris Sgro said: “We are not this– we are not HB2. We are the state of fairness and equality, and we will turn out this year like never before.”

Check out Gerber and Berlin’s video below:

Lesbian vote: LPAC’s final push

Recently, LPAC is also marshaling the LGBTQ vote with their own digital ad campaign across websites, news platforms, and social media targeting particular swing states like Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

“LGBTQ women have long been at the forefront of our social justice battles, helping achieve progress and working for equality,” said LPAC Executive Director Beth Shipp.

“As fighters for LGBTQ rights, women’s rights and social justice, we know that Hillary Clinton is the clear champion for our community. We also know that together, LGBTQ women make history– from suffrage to marriage equality. And this year, our community will do so once again,” Shipp said.

LPAC was the first national LGBTQ political organization that endorsed Clinton in 2015. Check out their video below:

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