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Paula Poundstone
We all know and love her for her outrageous, zany, hilarious comedy. This most gracious funny-lady allowed me Paula Poundstonea bird’s eye view into her life as a comic. Since I’m an entertainer myself, I wanted to know just what the inside scoop is on a stand-up who has fans all over the globe. I’m sure our readers would like to know more about Paula herself and what makes her who she is today. For every question I asked, Ms. Poundstone had a witty comeback. You can just imagine how difficult it was at times, to continue with my interview when I’m sitting here LMAO at her responses. She’s hilarious, she’s brilliant, she’s innovative and she seems to really care about what’s happening in our world. Paula Poundstone continues to both keep us in stitches as well as amaze us with the variety of activities she manages to do. These include, but are not limited to her comedy tour that continues on through April, a new cd on iTunes and Amazon and another book on the horizon. No matter how full her plate is, she still has time for the causes she believes in.