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Married lesbian couple found shot dead near Utah camping area

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Married lesbian couple

Married lesbian couple found shot dead near Utah camping area

A married lesbian couple was found dead near a campsite in Utah after their friends and families reported them missing.

The Grand County Sheriff’s Office reported that Kylen Carrol Schulte, 24, and Crystal Michelle Turner, 38, were last seen leaving a bar in Moab before the weekend.

The missing married lesbian couple

The couple, who were recently married four months ago, were camping in the area that Friday night.

They had reportedly told friends that they were moving on Saturday to another campsite because what they described as a “weirdo” and “creepy guy” camping near them was “freaking them out.”

When one of the women didn’t report for work on Sunday, friends and families began to trying to locate them. A four-day search was underway when the bodies of two women were found

Bridget Calvert, Schulte’s aunt, spoke to FOX 13 Utah that a friend “was on the phone with my brother when she pulled up to the [couple’s] car.”

The friend managed to spot a body and got in touch with the Grand County Sheriff’s Office. Their deputies then found a second body after arriving.

Killings were an “isolated incident”

The sheriff’s office said they were found near a campsite in the South Mesa area of La Sal Loop Road. Gunshot wounds were ruled as the cause of death.

They later confirmed the identities of the two bodies as those belonging to Schulte and Turner, and that their detectives are conducting a double-homicide investigation.

The sheriff’s office said, “We are currently following up with any and all leads that come to our attention during this investigation and will continue to be available to people to come forward with information.”

A spokesperson of the sheriff’s office told NBC News affiliate KSL-TV 5 that they don’t believe the deaths were the result of a murder-suicide, and that both women were killed by a third person.

They also said the killings were an “isolated incident” and there is no “current danger to the public.” However, no information on the alleged gunman were released.

Families of married lesbian couple disagree

However, Calvert aired her disagreement in an interview with KUTV on how the police could “say the community is not at danger when there is a killer at large, please tell me how that works?”

WPTV has reported that the FBI has joined the investigation. Grand County Sheriff Steven White said this was one of the largest investigations his office had ever undertaken.

White said, “Just know that everything is being done that we can possibly do, that is why we have asked for the additional resources. We want to make sure we do it thorough. We do it complete and we do it right.”

The Schulte family has established a GoFundme to help pay for funeral expenses. In an interview with FOX 13, Calvert said: “They had the most beautiful love, and that light is not stopping.”

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