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May 2017 Femastrology

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May Taurus

May 2017 Femastrology

There’s good news this month, as Mercury, the planet of communication, will go direct on May 3, 2017. That’s right, you can finally sign all those contracts, buy new stuff, start new projects, and get your tech problems resolved! Mercury has been retrograde for weeks now, ratcheting up miscommunication, bad-timing, schedule foul-ups, and other forms of generalized mayhem.

Since Mercury is in late Aries degrees right now, it’s also in alignment with the agent of change and revolution, Uranus. This is still a dominant force for the first two weeks of May, and will continue to stir things up in a big way. Mercury going direct is definitely positive, but the conjunction with Uranus increases the “volatility factor” pretty much across the board. Although this can be exciting and spark many a brainstorm, it’s also a particularly unstable vibration. In other words, expect the unexpected! Brilliant people will be more brilliant, wacky people will be more wacky, and crazy people will be crazier. But May will still be a change for the better in many ways.

With Mercury Direct and other positive planetary influences, May will be a time to finally get your groove on and get some things done. This will be great news for anyone whose projects stalled during the April Retrograde gridlock. Mars in Gemini will heighten the desire to branch out, try new things, and make new connections. For some Gemini people, like President Trump, there will be a need to balance enthusiasm on the one side, and aggression and anger on the other.

There is a Full Moon at 20° Scorpio on Wednesday, May 10, 2017. Scorpio is the Moon of Mystics and Shamans, opening up a portal to the deep and unfathomable realms of magic and occult wisdom. This watery Full Moon will help you get in touch with your psychic energy and dreams. With the Sun in Taurus and the Full Moon in Scorpio, we are reminded to balance our physical and emotional realities. You might want to try your hand a Scrying or Crystal Gazing, or perhaps working with a pendulum during this Full Moon. There’s lots of good “how-to” information about such things in the Internet.

The Sun goes in to Mercurial Air Sign Gemini on May 20, 2017, which will quicken the pace of our everyday affairs. Gemini energy is good for all kinds of mental and creative activities. It’s also great for networking and socializing. Educational pursuits of all kinds are favored by Gemini, as are things related to games and contests.

There’s a New Moon at 4° Gemini on Thursday, May 25, 2017. New Moons always represent at chance to “reboot” your energy. The Dark of the Moon is best used for quiet, thoughtful, activities that encourage balance and harmony. The Gemini New Moon would be a fantastic opportunity to do some journaling or creative writing.

Opportunity Days: May 1, 2, 3, and 13

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