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May Femastrology 2021

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Taurus 2021

May Femastrology 2021

by Astrologer and Psychic, Victoria Bearden

Taurus the Bull: Slow and Steady Win the Race. As May begins you might find yourself chomping at the bit, wishing you could speed things. The key to working with planetary energies this month is patience. Don’t push the river. Taurus doesn’t operate well when rushed. When things get hurried, this earthy influence becomes the veritable bull in a china shop. Pace yourself. There are great changes taking place this year. But they are occurring in fits and starts. As May unfolds, draw upon your ability to be grounded, centered, methodical, and persistent.

Taurus is uniquely related to our physical reality, including our bodies, nature, and the earth. These are truly our most precious resources. Prosperity, health, and abundance spring from our connection and resonance with the profound generative powers of the natural world. When your energy is in alignment with the forces of nature, amazing things can happen. A quick fix for this connection comes from spending time outdoors, connecting to plants, adding more raw and green food to your diet, being around animals, and being near or in bodies of living water. On an even simpler level, tuning in to your body by doing deep breathing exercises can give you a head start. You will want your wits about you when you see what else is coming up this month!

Saturn Square Uranus: 2021 will continue to be characterized by the square between conservative Saturn and revolutionary Uranus. As you might imagine, this presents a challenge both for individuals and globally. We are collectively attempting to pound multiple round pegs into square holes, as we work on the fly to come up with a better plan. The Saturnian agenda encourages us to be logical and rational while be confronted with continual challenges to the status quo from Uranus in Taurus. We are in the midst of a gigantic shift in the way we relate to the physical world, money, our own bodies, and other people.

My advice, don’t fight it, join it. Our current conundrum will not be solved by abandoning our hopes, dreams, and desires. We must adapt and transform our energy, attitudes, and our vibration to a higher, more sustainable, and more positive form. Anything you do that contributes to positive thought and action accelerates this process. Of course, finding ways to get along with people who disagree with you might really be square one with all of this.

There’s a New Moon at 21° Taurus on May 11, 2021, at 11:59 AM, PDT. Focus your attention on your practical, physical world. Find your center and stand in your power. The Sun and Moon in Taurus are in a positive relationship with Pluto in Capricorn. Connect to this transformative vibration through quiet reflection or meditation to access healing. This New Moon is particularly potent for affirmations and rituals relating to health and prosperity.

Jupiter goes into Pisces on May 14, 2021. Benefic Jupiter enters Water Sign Pisces and will remain in this sign until late July when it retrogrades back into Aquarius. Jupiter is powerful when in Pisces, enhancing energy associated with healing, compassion, and spirituality. This will give us some previews of trends that will come into being during 2022. Spiritual and creative types will love this inspirational period.

The Sun enters Gemini, May 20, 2021. Air Sign Gemini speeds up information and our ability to think and communicate more effectively, although we do have Mercury Retrograde in Gemini and a big deal eclipse complicating matters some.

The Lunar Eclipse Meets Mercury Retrograde: You’ll want to get your ducks in a row during the first couple of weeks of May, as we enter the realm of Mercury Retrograde and the pull of the Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse! So, get your “to-do” list going, and make it short and pithy. If you simplify your schedule and streamline things, you’ll do just fine. When planetary events overlap in this manner, it is often a fortunate occurrence, albeit disruptive. It’s like a cosmic “roto-rooter” that blasts out the gunk that’s been clogging up the works. So, don’t fret, just get ready for some changes! And get your positive intentions in order in advance.

There’s a Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse at 05° Sagittarius on May 26, 2021, at 4:14 AM PDT. This is a Super Blood Moon, so it’ll be really big, as it is close to Earth, with a ruddy hue. You know if something is big and red it’s going to be important, right? This Eclipse is part of a pair, the Solar Eclipse in Gemini occurring on June 10, 2021. This event will be visible in the San Diego, CA area starting at 1:47 AM, peaking at 4:18 AM, and ending at 5:52 AM. Please check your local listings to see if you will be able to view them in your area. Eclipses represent a confluence of planetary forces. It is a reset of energy on a grand scale. This is why we frequently see significant events coming to a head around these periods. The Sun in Gemini opposes the Full Moon in Sagittarius as they make a T-Square to Jupiter in Pisces. We will be challenged to integrate the intelligence of Gemini, the enthusiasm of Sagittarius, and the compassion of Pisces. Problems will arise as facts, beliefs, and realities clash. But breakthroughs can be made if people are willing to think beyond their own limitations. Magic and intention setting geared toward connecting to Spiritual Insight and communicating with Spirit Beings will be potent. This Moon’s gonna have a little drama tied to it, so be your Spiritual Warrior self and help lead others to the high road, if people get a bit unhinged.

Saturn Retrograde on May 23, 2021. Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water. Jaws! Actually, it’s really not that big of a deal, considering all the other wild planetary stuff going on this month! The outer planets are retrograde almost half the year, but some important events might correspond with Saturn’s change of direction, so keep your eyes open.

Mercury Retrograde, May 29, 2021, at 24° Gemini: Mercury Retrograde often makes things more challenging than they ought to be. Sometimes it’s technology, sometimes it’s your car, sometimes it’s bad communication. and sometimes it’s all of those things. It is always wise to pull back a little and use caution with big decisions and large purchases. But life goes on, and with a little extra patience and vigilance, you will be none the worse for wear. Things might go off without a hitch, but a little extra caution and foresight can’t hurt. Since Air Sign Gemini is definitely connected to speaking and writing, pay particular attention to the information you are exchanging with others, both personally, and professionally. The potential for error and miscommunication is high.

The Mercury Retrograde Playlist:

1. Mercury Retrograde Shadow #1 starts on May 15, 2021: This is when things start slipping sideways. Get the big things off your “to-do” list ASAP. This is just the previews, so remember, forewarned is forearmed.

2. Mercury Retrograde Storm # 1 starts on May 27, 2021, thru June 1, 2021: This is when you know 100% for sure that things are weird. Stay calm, and carry on. Mercury will turn retrograde right in the middle of this.

3. Mercury turns Retrograde on May 29, 2021. This is the day when it happens. Keep your wits about you. It can be stressful.

4. Mercury Retrograde Storm # 2 from June 19 thru June 26, 2021. This is the second “spin zone,” with Mercury turning direct right in the middle of it. Things can be chaotic as the energy shifts.

6. Mercury turns Direct on June 22, 2021, at 3 PM PDT: Things start to turn around. Give it a few days.

7. Mercury Retrograde Shadow # 2 from June 26 2021 thru July 7, 2021: This is just the “hangover” phase, and usually isn’t a really big deal. This is when we can start to make sense of what happened during the previous weeks.

Opportunity Days: May 1, 2, 4, 6, 11, 18, 19, 30, and 31

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