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Miranda Hobbes teases possible coming out in new Sex and the City

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Miranda Hobbes

Miranda Hobbes teases possible coming out in new Sex and the City

The revival of the TV series Sex and the City by HBO Max, And Just Like That…, is teasing out the possible coming out of one its main characters, Miranda Hobbes.

Hobbes’ character is played by actress Cynthia Nixon, who first identified as bisexual in 2012, but started dating education activist Christine Marinoni in 2004 and marrying her in 2012.

Did Miranda Hobbes experiences a connection?

In the show’s third episode, Miranda accompanies Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) and Charlotte York (played by Kristin Davies) to a stand-up comedy show of podcaster Che Diaz.

Doing the show for a Netflix special, Diaz (played by non-binary icon Sara Ramirez) tells stories about coming out to their family and embracing changes.

This affects Miranda, who was experiencing her own marriage problems with her husband, Steve. In particular, the two hadn’t had sex in years and Miranda feels like they’re “just roommates.”

Later, Miranda attends Diaz’s after-party on her own and she has a quite steamy encounter with Diaz courtesy of weed smoke shotgunned into her mouth.

Is Sex and the City taking step toward changes?

The writers of And Just Like That… noted that this season may portend changes for Miranda.

Speaking to TVLine, writer Julie Rottenberg, who penned the episode “When In Rome” with Elisa Zuritsky, said: “Miranda is feeling stagnant in her life. I think this season is all about change for her.”

Meanwhile, showrunner Michael Patrick King said Miranda’s response to possible changes corresponds to her being an outsider, and how she married Steve only because she got pregnant.

“Even within the group, she was the one who was the least successful at dating. She was the one who was the most angry at society. So Miranda’s always been somebody who went her own way,” King said.

Will Miranda Hobbes be an LGBTQ character?

So does this mean that Miranda be an LGBTQ character? The writers aren’t confirming anything though episodes of Sex and the City had touched on this before, but with a different character.

“Samantha had a lesbian relationship with Sonia Braga for, like, four episodes. I mean, it’s not new to explore sexuality,” King said.

However, he added that “people are more than sex. They’re a vibration. And Che Diaz is an incredibly strong, charismatic vibration as played by Sara Ramirez. I mean, everyone’s drawn to [them].”

Rottenberg admitted that Miranda’s encounter with Che “might have just been something that sent her in a different direction.” However, she didn’t say where it would lead.

Will Cynthia Nixon make some changes she wants?

Nixon herself has spoken about the reason for returning the show to “go back and [undo] the things that we really got wrong.”

Speaking to Elle magazine, she said: “We had gay characters, but a lot of the LGBT stuff in it was purely for comedic effect– and now rings harsh on the ear, I have to say.”

“I was very reluctant at first. I said I probably wasn’t going to sign back on because I felt like there would have to be a sea change to happen to make this show– the show we would want it to be in 2021 and beyond,” she added.

So will you be watching this series? Check out the trailer below if it catches your interest:

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