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LGBTQ communities around the world are experiencing a COVID-19 crackdown, with sexual or gender minorities being blamed for the spread of the coronavirus.

A lesbian couple in New Zealand got a twin surprise when both conceived just weeks apart, even though their initial plan was to have one kid at a time.

A number of countries are moving back on the Europe Rainbow Map for a second year, warned the LGBTQ advocacy group ILGA-Europe.

An EU survey has revealed that LGBTQ discrimination is increasing in Europe with six in ten or 62 percent of the community afraid to hold hands in public.

The South Korea LGBTQ community is reeling from homophobic backlash after a man infected by the coronavirus went to clubs in Seoul's gay district.

According to research, the LGBTQ community in the US will be hit hard by the COVID-19 economic effects, like job losses driven by economic shutdowns.

Gay Moroccans were being targeted by a Instagram influencer in an outing campaign that used their profiles in gay dating apps to be leaked online.

A Russian survey in 2020 reported that almost one in five Russians want LGBTQ people "eliminated," an improvement from 2015.

An online survey conducted by research firm Kantar has discovered that one in three UK lesbian mothers experienced homophobia from other parents.

An out lesbian judge in Texas, Rosie Speedlin Gonzalez, is being ordered by a state commission to remove a rainbow Pride flag from her courtroom.