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President Joe Biden has appointed Sharon Kleinbaum, an out lesbian rabbi, to serve as commissioner on the US Commission on International Religious Freedom.

A group of US bishops was reported to have blocked the creation of the National Suicide Hotline because it offered resources to LGBTQ people.

The Vatican has declared in a ruling that priests cannot bless same-sex unions and that any such blessings are not valid.

A group of US Catholic bishops came out with a statement supporting LGBTQ people against bullying and saying, "God is on your side."

A group of world religious leaders have called for the end of criminalizing the LGBT people and a global ban on conversion practices.

Pope Francis has come out with an explicit declaration of support for same-sex civil unions for LGBTQ couples-- but not same-sex marriage.

Pope Francis told a group of parents who have LGBT children that they should love their children as they are because they are "children of God."

Many white evangelical Protestants are supportive of Trump because of the abortion restrictions and lessening of LGBT discrimination protections.

The United Methodist Church voted recently to uphold and even strengthen its ban on same-sex marriage and LGBTQ clergy in a controversial meeting.

The Roman Catholic Church seems to be opening up to the LGBT community by using the term "LGBT" for the first time in an official Vatican document.