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Kenyan LGBTQ students took to the streets in Nairobi to protest against a Cabinet minister's proposal to ban them from boarding schools.

Senegal lawmakers have rejected a bill that would increase the current punishment for homosexual acts from five years to ten years.

A European lesbian support group reported that many lesbian refugee mothers applying for asylum are having a hard time reuniting with their children.

An Iranian lesbian was arrested while trying to cross the border of Iran's West Azerbaijan province into Turkey last October.

Police reports indicate that UK homophobic crimes had gone up during the pandemic, when lockdown restrictions were eased last summer.

The House of Commons in Canada gave a unanimous vote against LGBT conversion therapy in the country on the way to ban it outright.

Liana Georgieva, a Turkish protestor who gained recognition during the Istanbul protests, has come out with a queer anthem for the Turkish LGBTQ community.

The British news outlet BBC has withdrawn from an LGBTQ diversity program run by Stonewall to avoid being seen as "biased."

Spain will now allow single women, lesbians, bisexual women, and transgender people to access free medically assisted reproduction, including IVF.

LGBTQ charity groups lauded the recent efforts of the UK LGBTQ conversion therapy ban, but said this was not enough.