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November Femastrology 2021

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Scorpio 2021

November Femastrology 2021

by Astrologer and Psychic, Victoria Bearden

Significant Change: This is a very important month! The November Full Moon will be a Lunar Eclipse, followed by a Solar Eclipse in early December. This will stimulate major changes and revelations that will give all of us a better idea of where we are heading in 2022. This year has been one of fits and starts. But that’s not the case next year, which is pretty exciting. So, it’s time to set the stage for what you’d like to manifest. Identify what you want and what you need to release. Refine your vision of what you would like to create and experience. Pay attention to what is happening in your life, and be ready for important insights that will guide your path into 2022. Things that happen in the next couple of months, even seemingly inconsequential ones, maybe more important than you think.

Get Your Ducks in a Row: The Sun and Mars in Scorpio create dynamic tension with Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus this month, pushing us to get down to brass tacks. Scorpio likes to dig deep, so nothing superficial will do. If you feel something is questionable, trust your gut, and get answers before moving ahead. If something is broken, find out how to fix it. If you feel you are on the wrong path, it’s time for a course correction. If you have come to a dead-end with a project, or even with a relationship, it’s time to let it go. Clear the air with communication. Don’t leave things dangling. The more grounded and specific you are about your objectives, the better you will do this month. Be targeted in your approach, define your action steps, and keep things simple and on point.

Stay Centered: Your strongest asset in November will be your link to your Higher Self. Thoughts and emotions are often unreliable when compared to our core intuitive reactions. Tune in to your inner Psychic Compass. Strive for emotional equilibrium. With the holidays on the way and the planets in flux, feelings will be running high. Staying emotionally grounded is the key to your success. This is a good time to seek psychological or spiritual help if you need support. People may tend to be somewhat uncooperative, so be willing to bend a little when you can. But don’t cave in on the important things! Draw a line in the sand about what you consider essential. Keep your goals realistic and resist the urge to over-extend yourself. The silver lining will appear if you remain tenacious and clear-headed. And be willing to leave the past in the past. As 2021 nears its conclusion, it’s time to wrap things up. Review your priorities and focus only on truly important concerns. Make your “to-do” list short and pithy. Zero in on the things that matter the most, and are closest to your heart.

There’s a New Moon at 12° Scorpio on November 4, 2021, at 2:14 PM, PDT. The Dark of the Moon represents a new cycle of monthly change, and this one is truly wild. The Sun and Moon in powerful Scorpio will directly oppose revolutionary Uranus in Taurus. It’s time to reconcile our inner experience with our outer reality. If it’s not a good match, it’s time to change. Warrior planet Mars will be along for the ride, energizing both the potential for conflict and breakthrough. And all of the aforementioned planets will be chafing up against Saturn in Aquarius. That’s a bit of a pressure cooker! In your personal life, the push may come to shove if you are resisting change. So don’t resist! The trick will be finding a path to meaning change despite perceived limitations. If some things seem to be blowing up or falling apart there’s probably a good reason. Conversely, things may suddenly shift to your advantage, so be ready to adjust if opportunity knocks. Conflict and head-butting will undoubtedly dominate the world stage in situations that have become stagnant or intractable. Set your magical intentions to assist you in releasing things that no longer serve you. This will help you to follow a path to greater freedom and success.

There’s a Full Moon at 27° Taurus on November 19, 2021, at 12:57 AM PST. Eclipses always correspond with significant and fateful events, and this one will not disappoint. I always have to mention that is NOT a bad thing, just an important one. This is a Partial Lunar Eclipse and will be completely visible over Asia, Australia, and the Americas on Friday, November 19, 2021, and some parts of Alaska and Hawaii on Thursday, November 18, 2021. Check your local listings for the best time to view them. The Sun in Scorpio signifies our deepest desires, while the Moon in Taurus highlights our physical and emotional needs. The trick is finding the balance between what we want, and what we need, without coming up short on either end. Since both the Sun and Moon are playing nicely with Pluto, changes that occur now could open doorways to a much more positive future. The fly in the ointment comes from warrior planet Mars in Scorpio, which is at odds with Saturn and Uranus. This indicates that push will come to shove in areas that have been conflicted. Sometimes, however, things need to come to a head in order for anything new to come about. It’s likely there will be some drama, to be sure. Some people will be on edge and ready to pick a fight, so get out of their way, if need be. If your birthday falls around this date, this will be a very important year for you! Affirmations and rituals centered around creating abundance will be potent.

The Sun goes into Sagittarius on November 21, 2021. Fire Sign energy adds a sense of motivation and excitement to the holidays. There’s magic afoot on this day, as it is right between two Eclipses. Use it for something interesting!

America, Scorpio Joe, and the Post 2020 World: As many of you know, I keep track of the astrology charts of all the major players on the world stage, and routinely make predictions about likely scenarios. Yet I always remind people that although I am a “predictive” astrologer and intuitive, I don’t believe things are predestined. This is why I’m constantly talking about the power of positive thinking and the need to be conscious about our intentions. The present moment and our awareness of it are full of magic, power, and potency. The intersection of fate, probability, and free will is a mysterious and interesting place. And these truly are “interesting times. Don’t ever forget that your thoughts and actions are part of what determines what comes next, in your own life, and the life of the world.

Although 2021 is almost over, the world is still deep in the throes of one of the most significant astrological periods of our lifetimes, the 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Reverberations from that cosmic event will ripple far into the future. Although most of us would be tempted to assume that the pandemic was the main event of that fateful period, it goes much deeper. The real karmic meaning has to do with world domination. No joke. It’s all about money, power, and resources; who has them, and what they will do with them. And, as you might imagine, the stakes couldn’t be higher. This is not about some kind of End of Days prediction, although many will be motivated to say so. But it is definitely about how humans are going to go into the future.

In the middle of all of these world-altering events, it probably comes as no surprise that the US in is the hot seat. America is having her own personal “reckoning,” as her Pluto Return unfolds. And it’s not an easy process. If the country was a person, we’d be having an identity crisis. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the outcome will have great and far-reaching consequences. And here’s the million-dollar question. Will the US become a better version of her former self over the next few years, or not? I am cautiously optimistic, but as I mentioned before, the future isn’t set in stone. All the more reason for that positive thinking I was mentioning. Nevertheless, as Bette Davis would say, “buckle up!”

And guess what? (Biden pun totally intended, lol.) Scorpio Joe’s birthday falls on November 20, just a day after the Lunar Eclipse! And that’s a really big deal when you are one of the most important people on the planet. Suffice it to say, fate is moving strongly as Biden starts his astrological “New Year.” The energy around him is extremely intense, dramatic, and even combative. Much will depend on what kind of external events occur and how he responds. Things that happen around his birthday will be of great import. He is also having his Mars Return, which adds even greater significance to this period. The Mars Return will offer insight as to whether or not he will achieve his goals during the few years. It’s also a symbol of assertiveness and courage, despite all odds. So, stay tuned.

Opportunity Days: November 4, 13, 19, and 21

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