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It’s official: Prince William is our straight ally

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Prince William

It’s official: Prince William is our straight ally

Prince William isn’t a gay icon like his mother Diana but for most of the LGBT, he’s the perfect prince.

During the 2017 British LGBT Awards last May 12, he was awarded the “Straight Ally of the Year.” This is for his anti-bullying advocacy, which includes LGBT bullying among kids.

While Prince William was unable to attend, he sent a video showing his gratefulness for the honor.

“It is 2017, and nobody should be bullied for their sexuality, or for any other reason,” Prince William said in the video.

“It’s so important to be proud of the person you are,” he added.

After setting up the Diana Award, in honor of his late mother Princess Diana, as well as other charitable organizations, the British roaylty has pushed for anti-bullying initiatives.

Prince William in Attitude Magazine

Second in line to the throne, but rumored to being groomed to step up to the throne after Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Cambridge is the perfect epitome of a modern prince.

True to his form, one of his advocacies is fighting for LGBT rights– something that would have been unimaginable ten or 20 years ago, or even under a reign of his father Prince Charles.

Last year, he nonchalantly agreed to grace the cover of LGBT magazine Attitude.

Attitude editor Matthew Todd encouraged him to be the youth’s voice for LGBT bullying and its effect on the kid’s mental health.

This encouragement led to a discussion with Todd and other LGBT members at Kensington Palace, which then moved Prince William to make this one his advocacies.

“The young gay, lesbian and transgender individuals I met through Attitude are truly brave to speak out and to give hope to people who are going through terrible bullying right now,” he said during the interview with Attitude.

“What I would say to any young person reading this who’s being bullied for their sexuality: don’t put up with it– speak to a trusted adult, a friend, a teacher, Childline, Diana Award or some other service and get the help you need. You should be proud of the person you are and you have nothing to be ashamed of,” he said.

Prince William and his LGBT stand

Prior to this, there were already signs of how the Prince William stands in LGBT issues.

A year before the magazine cover, the prince was speaking of being against homophobia during his visit at Hammersmith Academy.

While the subject was about bullying, talks with the young students turned to LGBT bullying where he agreed with one kid to confront those who bully him or her.

His brother, Prince Harry, was also being seen as an ally to the LGBT when gay RAF Trooper James Wharton wrote in his book about how the younger prince defended him for coming out.

For the longest time, the palace has been mum about LGBT issues. But as much as America is going backward with Trump on the wheels, the British monarchy is finally thawing.

Being a cover on an LGBT magazine, and digging deep into the problem of LGBT bullying and mental health was the prime reason Prince William became the Straight Ally awardee.

More than that, it was a historical moment for the British royalty and the LGBT community.

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