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A study showed that different factors affect lesbians and bisexual women as compared to straight women in terms of sexual satisfaction.

Lesbians, gays, and bisexuals generally have positive experience with online dating, but their negative experience range from harassment to threats.

As the world adapts to a pandemic lifestyle of physical distancing, LGBT dating sites and apps in the UK report high usage and activity.

The text-based Lex dating app reminds us of that bygone age when you had to communicate the type of person you wanted to be with in the personal ads.

Gay marriages have less stress as compared to everyone else. But married lesbians are still doing better than women married to men.

With growing acceptability of same-sex marriages, we have to accept same-sex divorces as well-- and it looks like lesbian divorces are more likely to occur.

Domestic abuse doesn't just target straight women. LGBTQ domestic violence occurs in our relationships at similar or higher rates.

Good news! A study in Australia has come up with research showing that same-sex couples tend to have higher-quality relationships as compared to their straight counterparts.

A happy wife means a happy life. Here are some tips on how to be a good lesbian girlfriend and make your relationship a healthy and happy one.

As we've already had a discussion about lesbian violence against each other, we need talk about lesbian relationship abuse and how pernicious it can be.