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September 2015 Femastrology

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September 2015 Femastrology

September 2015 Femastrology

VirgoBig astrological happenings make September a fateful month, so ready or not, here it comes! The Sun opposes Neptune the first few days of the month, which is mystical but confusing. Mars and Venus conjoin in Leo on September 1, 2015. This is wildly sexy and creative but with Venus still retrograde, things could easily slip sideways. So, if you see a volcano of drama about to erupt in your love life, best duck and cover! But on September 6 Venus turns direct!!! This is good news, as romance and finance should be easier to handle.

Motivation meets inspiration with a Mars/Uranus trine on September 8. It only lasts about a week, so use it for something amazing. Then we have a New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees Virgo on September 12/13, 2015. Check your local time zone to see which day it falls in your area. Eclipses always stir things up, as they “re-orient” the cosmic vibrations, allowing different levels of spiritual energy and information to enter our lives. This is why “fateful” events tend to roll on out around the time of the eclipse and the reverberations keep on going for many months
afterwards. The Sun and Moon in Virgo will oppose Chiron in Pisces, bringing up themes of healing for body, mind and spirit. This could be stressful but extremely enlightening at the same time. Consider using this eclipse as a chance to do a Shamanic Journey, Vision Quest or Meditation to repair some damaged areas in your being. It could be very powerful.

On September 16 Jupiter opposes Neptune, which is a uniquely spiritual and creative combination. For those interested in mystical energies, this will be an amazing psychic portal. The influence will last for a few days, so enjoy it.

Astro-Opportunity Dates: September 1, 8, 23, 24, 26, and 28.

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