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Top 5 LGBT-friendly travel destinations according to Scruff

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Top 5 LGBT-friendly travel destinations according to Scruff


There are a lot more accessible LGBT-friendly travel destinations these days. The question now is, where should you go?

Scruff, a popular gay dating app, came up with a survey they conducted with the New York Times to identify the top LGBT-friendly travel destinations in the world.

Though Scruff’s list is called the Top 5, there are actually two to three destinations tied at each rank. As such, we decided to feature the first five places on the list (which are only the top three ranked Scruff named).

Likewise, the results were taken from responses from approximately 1,300 gay men from several countries all over the world.

But even though the survey was directed at only one part of the LGBT community, these LGBT-friendly travel destinations are very much open to all queer folks.

Number #1: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta in Mexico has – and probably will always be – the elite destination for LGBT Americans.

The ultimate beach resort is the largest queer scene of the country, with its golden-sand beaches stretching as far as you can see.

Number #2: Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, also known as The White City, was tagged as the best LGBT-friendly travel destination in 2011.

It still holds true today, as they continue to open their arms to queer tourists even while embracing their own queer citizens.

Number #3: Ogunquit, Maine

Ogunquit is a long-time favorite among the LGBT community because it’s one of the gayest towns in the country.

You’ve got Ogunquit’s 3-mile white sand beach with its grass-covered dunes. Add this the charms of a small coastal town and you can see why visitors love this place.

(On a side note, Ogunquit was recently named USA Today’s 2016 Best Coastal Small Town in America so you can’t go wrong with this place.)

Number #4: Lisbon, Portugal

In Europe, Lisbon is emerging as a queer force to be reckoned with.

The city is one of many up-and-coming LGBT-friendly travel destinations in the world, with its rich history and a colorful nightlife. It has a lot of gay bars and clubs in neighborhoods like Bairro Alto and Principe Real.

Number: #5 Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Rehoboth Beach is another resort town on the Atlantic Coast with a diverse population that lays out a very LGBT-friendly welcome.

Their mile-long boardwalk and white sandy beaches has a fun gay south end section dubbed the “poodle beach.” There are also a lot of gay-owned and -operated restaurants and shops to visit.

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