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Tripping on Lucy Spraggan and her acoustic tour

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Lucy Spraggan

Tripping on Lucy Spraggan and her acoustic tour

Lucy Spraggan
If you’re in that part of the world, here’s a heads-up: folk-rock musician Lucy Spraggan is heading to Manchester as part of her acoustic tour this February 18. Meanwhile, the rest of the world can be a little envious of you.

Lucy Spraggan on a roll

The year 2016 started on a busy note for the Sheffield-based musician, with the scheduled dates on her acoustic tour throughout the UK and Ireland quickly filling up. The tour is scheduled to start this February 11 and will run until August 27.

Among the places she’ll hit in the UK include Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Glasgow, Inverness, Birmingham, and London. In Ireland, she’ll be at Belfast and Dublin.

Last February 3 of this year, she released an EP, Home, with three new songs and a new version of her song, “Tea and Toast.” And she released her third album, We Are, last March 2015 under her own music label, CTRL Records.

Of course, last April, she also proposed to her girlfriend, Georgina Gordon, while on a boat on the Thames river.

So yeah, she’s been pretty busy ever since her stint in The X-Factor in 2012 and her debut studio album, Join the Club, in 2013.

Lucy Spraggan finds herself

However, even though she’s been busy, she’s also been focusing on the important things in her life. In this case, it’s the music and not the fame that comes with it, as evidenced by her pull-out from a popular TV competition like The X-Factor.

“People don’t forget about you, and they see you as someone who just wanted to be famous.There’s a massive stigma with it,” she told the Evening Times.

“You can’t expect everything on a plate after being on a show like that; you don’t just score a record deal straight away. You have to manage your own career, and if you fail, you can’t blame the X Factor– you should blame yourself,” she said.

“I don”t look back with regret. There’s a chance I would have went on a different TV show, or just played more gigs. But I’m happy with the path I’m on just now,” she added.

Her English and Irish fans will be lucky to catch her go around UK and Ireland this year. For the rest of us, we’ll just have to settle for checking out her performances online, like this video of her song “Unsinkable” below (from her album, We Are).

“Unsinkable is just about those moments in life when you feel like you’re underwater the entire time, when you have to remind yourself to keep swimming. It’s also about helping everybody else around you who is going through bad stuff,” Lucy Spraggan said.

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