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Turkish LGBT protestor Liana Georgieva sings a queer anthem

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Liana Georgieva

Turkish LGBT protestor Liana Georgieva sings a queer anthem

Liana Georgieva, a Turkish protestor who gained recognition during the Istanbul protests last June, has come out with a queer anthem for the Turkish LGBTQ community.

Georgieva– whose stage name is Liana Georgi– released the song, “All For Love,” last November 11 on streaming platforms.

Homosexuality in Turkey is legal, but the administration under President Recep Tayyip Erdoga has been cracking down on the the LGBTQ community in the country.

Liana Georgieva takes center stage

The 26-year old expat singer garnered worldwide attention in Turkey when she was caught on video being nonchalant before riot police trying to break up a banned Pride rally in Istanbul.

Dressed in a black spaghetti-strap dress and high heels, carrying a rainbow purse, and blowing a purple whistle, Georgieva refused to be daunted despite the tear gas and the arrests around her.

Speaking in English, she told the Turkish police as they pushed her forward with riot shields: “Baby, I have heels on. How will I walk? I walk slowly.”

Though she was arrested, her defiance made the video go viral and gave the LGBTQ community in Turkey an icon for their cause. Even the pop star Madonna shared the viral video.

With this newfound fame, Georgieva has been promoting LGBTQ rights to German consular officials in Istanbul and meeting with Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu, a probable leftist challenger to Erdogan.

An anthem for the Turkish LGBTQ community

With the song she’s releasing, Georgieva hopes that this would serve as an anthem for Turkeys LGBTQ community and their struggle for their rights.

Speaking to RFE/RL’s Bulgarian Service, she said the song is her way of showing the LGBTQ community her love and admiration, and how they give her hope and strength.

It is also, she said, her way of letting them “know that the viral video was never about me. It’s about all of us. It’s all for love. What we do is just in order for us to exist and love who we want to love.”

What’s more, she said, the song is supposed to echo the video moment of her walking before the riot police.

She explained: “Even when there is aggression and even when we try to hide, there is a moment when we will just say ‘no’. And we will say it with love and I will keep trying to slow down the police and I will keep walking.”

Liana Georgieva wants your attention

The song came about after she discussed with local NGOs on possibly taking advantage of the exposure she had from the viral video.

The groups suggested catching international attention to raise political pressure within Turkey, as well as ensure LGBTQ voices are heard and constitutional rights are protected.

Because of this, Georgieva worked with local LGBT artists, activists, and friends to produce the accompanying video.

Some of the song’s proceeds will be donated to SPoD, a local LGBTQ platform that offers legal and psychological help to the LGBTQ community, she said.

“Being gay in this world is no fun. But we carry the scars that you give to us. With PRIDE, PRIDE, PRIDE. Love and hope are here. We will never disappear. You might not wanna hear. That change is here And queer,” she said.

Check out the song and the music video below:

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