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Values Voter Summit 2018 carries list of anti-LGBTQ personalities

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Values Voter Summit - Mike Pence

Values Voter Summit 2018 carries list of anti-LGBTQ personalities

The Values Voter Summit that occurred over the weekend was a veritable who’s who of the religious right, complete with the presence of Vice President Mike Pence.

The speakers during the summit came to the defense of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh even while lauding the administration of President Donald Trump.

The summit, which was sponsored by FRC Action, happened at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC from September 21-23.

The FRC Action is the legislative arm of the Family Research Council (FRC), an organization designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-LGBTQ hate group.

Values Voter Summit: The speakers’ list

Aside from Pence, the summit had speakers like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who said they’re “going right through” with Kavanaugh’s nomination to get the needed confirmation.

Currently, Kavanaugh is facing accusations of sexual assault from a former high school classmate Christine Blasey Ford that happened in the early 1980s.

Another speaker was Gary Bauer, a longtime religious right activist, who lambasted Kavanaugh’s accuser.

On the other hand, former congresswoman Michelle Bachmann praised Trump and said it was ordained by God.

Another speaker was Secretary Mike Pompeo, who said he would defend religious freedom while lauding FRC’s “important work.”

Other speakers included Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, National Rifle Association president Oliver North, and FRC analyst Peter Sprigg.

Also there were Fox News hosts Laura Ingraham and Todd Starnes, and Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips.

Values Voter Summit: Religious freedom

Pence said during his speech that conservative voters should turn out during the November mid-term elections to support Trump and his efforts in favor of “religious freedom.”

Pence said. “Last year President Trump chose the National Day of Prayer to announce new policies to protect the religious liberty of every American regardless of their creed.”

He also backed the nomination of Kavanaugh and his “strong record of support for limited government, religious liberty and our Second Amendment.”

FRC is regarded as one of the most powerful anti-LGBTQ hate groups, and their summit focuses on “pro-family” issues– including working against the LGBTQ and Muslim people.

Some of the topics during the summit include “Restoring a Generation’s Identity” and “Reclaiming and Preserving Conservatism in a Counter-Christian Culture.”

Values Voter Summit: Anti-LGBTQ meet

LGBTQ rights groups condemned the meeting, with Human Rights Campaign government affairs director David Stacy noting that all the speakers are known for their anti-LGBTQ stance.

“Once again, Mike Pence is making clear that he stands with many organizations and leaders who promote hate and fear. We know those are not true American values,” Stacy said.

Trump, who has made his support for “religious liberty” plain, had spoken at the previous summit last year.

Aside from FRC, other anti-LGBTQ groups present at the summit were the American Family Association Action (AFA Action) and American Values (founded by former FRC leader Gary Bauer).

There were also the anti-LGBTQ legal organization Liberty Counsel, the anti-Muslim hate group Religious Freedom Coalition, and the anti-government extremist group John Birch Society.

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