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When sex toys become an issue

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sex toys

When sex toys become an issue

sex toys
Sex toys have lost their image that they’re a single person’s sexual partner. Now, a lot of couples use them to spice up their sex life.

Moreover, lesbian couples can catch up on their understanding of the different types of dildos to bring into their bedrooms.

Envious of sex toys

But while sex toys have saved a lot of dried-up or dying sex lives (also known as the lesbian bed death), it has also become an issue for some couples.

With the rise of sex toys, it’s also causing envy for some partners. This especially happens when one partner cannot make love anymore without the use of sex toys.

On the other hand, some consider it as cheating when their partner use it when they’re alone.

The appeal of sex toys

“I’ve never come across any information or research that suggests women have left men because of their sex toys,” said Dr. Hernando Chaves of AskMen, when a letter writer got worried over his girlfriend wanting to use sex toys.

“Usually, women leave men for reasons other than not being battery-operated,” Dr. Chavez said.

Sex toys appeal to a lot of people because they find it more efficient than using their hands. Dildos, for one, were shaped to reach g-spots while others help give a more intense orgasm.

Still, it’s true what the good doctor said: no relationship ever broke up because someone left her partner for a vibrator.

Helping yourself get over your partner’s sex toys

You have to understand that your sex life with your partner doesn’t just consist of orgasms and how wild it is. Sex between two people is an expression of how you truly feel.

No matter how much she enjoys having your dildo around, the feel of your skin is still very important to her.

“Sex with a partner is about sharing pleasure and intimacy– giving and receiving and mutual enjoyment,” said Belle De Soir on those jealous of their partner’s sex toys.

“A sex toy can no more replace a person than it can have its own orgasm,” Belle said.

Helping your partner get over your sex toys

On the other hand, if it’s your partner who’s having problems, one way to ease them is to involve them more in the lovemaking. Don’t make them feel left out.

In the end, when you masturbate, you have someone in mind. The same with sex toys. Nobody has ever climaxed thinking of a dildo.

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