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Whisper music video celebrates the beauty of lesbian love

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Whisper music video celebrates the beauty of lesbian love

Whisper music video celebrates the beauty of lesbian love

If ever someone asks what it means when two women love each other, show them this Whisper music video by Chastity Brown, which celebrates lesbian love.

After watching it, you’ll definitely say that’s what love is and that’s how a woman’s love for another woman blossoms for real—and not just some hot girl-on-girl bit that sells the thought of lesbian love.

Chastity Brown’s Silhouette of Sirens

“Whisper” is a sweet and soulful single from Chastity Brown’s new album Silhouette of Sirens. The acclaimed Minneapolis singer/songwriter recently released her new album under Red House Records.

Over the album’s ten tracks, Brown brings us through her journey as a queer woman of color discovering the push and pulls of experiencing life, love, and relationships, as well as her growth as an artist expressing her soul.

“I think it’s about different types of heartbreak, and how one deals with it and not the heartbreak of a coupled relationship; just living life, and the experiences that break your heart,” Brown says of the album in a recent interview.

Whisper music video

The music video for Whisper was released this November. The visual was directed by Wale Agboola and Joe Wright. The women leads were played by Gabriella Gustafson and Andrea Walsh.

The Whisper music video follows a very sweet love story between two women who meet, fall in love, and marry in the end.

The mellow, guitar-driven song gives its listeners the feeling of how it is to be close to someone we love, close enough to whisper all we want and need. Its music video drives the message of the song through a series of intimate moments shared by a blossoming lesbian couple who gets their happily ever after.

All in all, the Whisper music video is a celebration of love. Like that of the wedding that’s presided over by Brown herself, the lesbian love depicted on the video is intimate, solemn, yet festive.

The most captivating part of it all is the montage of love-filled and blissful smiles that the lesbian couple shares throughout their relationship journey from the onset until the end. Don’t we all long to be intoxicated by love in the same way?

“This is a love song,” Brown says to OUT magazine about the Whisper music video. “I wanted the video to be a string of intimate moments that represent the beauty of queer love.”

Know more about Chastity Brown, her music, and upcoming tours here.

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