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Brazilian singer Yann sings against anti-LGBT violence

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Brazilian singer Yann sings against anti-LGBT violence

Yann, a rising Brazilian pop singer-activist, is set to release a new single that supports the LGBT community against hate crimes.

Yann: Singing against hate

The single, “Igual,” which translates to “Equal,” is meant to raise awareness of the high LGBT murder rate in Brazil.

Currently, Brazil doesn’t have any laws that protects LGBT people against hates crimes.

The Brazilian singer will release the song on November 8 and has managed to gather support from an international cast of artists and celebrities just for the video.

These include not only LGBT personalities but also LGBT allies like Céline Dion and Demi Lovato, among others, who will appear in his video.

Yann: Support for the Brazilian LGBT community

The song, which was composed by Yann, is about the freedom to love.

“This project is more necessary than ever before, as Brazil’s the country with the highest LGBTQ+ murder rate in the world and there are no laws criminalizing hate crimes against LGBTQ+ people in Brazil,” he said in a press release.

The song “Igual” is set to be the theme song for 22nd Rio Pride Parade this year in Rio de Janeiro. Likewise, he promised that he would be participating in the parade.

The proceeds from the single’s sales and streaming will be donated to the Grupo Arco-Íris, a non-governmental organization that promotes LGBT rights in Brazil.

The artist has cited the influence of the following bands and singers like Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, Kate Bush, INXS, David Lynch, and David Bowie in his music.

You can check out more about the artist here.

Update: November 8 release
With its release today, the accompanying video to Yann’s single is dedicated to the 343 LGBT people who were killed in Brazil in 2016.

Likewise, the singer cited the support not only of Dion and Lovato but also pop artists like Lorde, Britney Spears, and Boy George, comedian Chelsea Handler, filmmaker Lana Wachowski, and Melanie C of Spice Girls fame in the making of the video.

Other LGBT artists like our favorite, Tegan & Sara, have pitched in their support via Twitter.

You can check out the video below:

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