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Your top picks: LN’s most read posts in the last 5 years

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Your top picks: LN’s most read posts in the last 5 years

Your top picks: LN’s most read posts in the last 5 years

We are on our 44th year in bringing you lesbian news and articles starting from our first print publication in 1975 and later on shifting to digital. On this same month 5 years ago, the LN team decided to set foot on cyberspace and launched the www.lesbiannews.com website. Since then, we have posted more than a thousand articles for our followers to enjoy. Yup, 5 years. And you, our dear readers, had your favorites. Here’s the top 5 most read LN posts based on our website statistics.

lesbian Kama Sutra

Top 5: Your lesbian Kama Sutra positions

Categories: Wellness, Sex

Who doesn’t have a favorite sex position? Well, we know most of you have one (or seven as listed in this article) since this article is on the 5th spot for the most read articles over the years.

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Sanskrit guide to sexual technique, human sexual behavior, and pleasure-oriented faculties of human life. Unfortunately, there was none written for lesbians and so we chose 7 of what we think are the best sexual positions for women who have sex with women. We’re glad to be of any help in case this article has given you the chance to spice things up with your girlfriend under the sheets.

Are you a lesbian

Top 4: How do you know if you’re a lesbian?

Categories: Wellness

We’re saying it again… If you’re reading Lesbian News, then you know you probably are. This post made it to the top 4, but we don’t think it’s because a lot of you have doubts about your sexuality. Our hunch is that you all are just curious to know whether others found out the same way you did. But just in case you’re unsure, this article has 5 questions you can ask yourself to verify whether you’re a lesbian through and through or not. But yeah, who isn’t a lesbian nowadays?

Queen Christina of Sweden

Top 3: 5 Facts about Queen Christina of Sweden

Categories: Hallmarks

We were fascinated by the 2015 biography of Queen Christina of Sweden, The Girl King, and so we posted 5 facts about her. We were surprised when this article garnered readership. We looked into it and found out that many who search about Queen Christina of Sweden in Google somehow found their way to our website. Some searches most probably are for research or school work. Others may have been by people who have watched the movie and wanted to know more. We’re not sure. But thanks to Google.

New and upcoming 2017 lesbian movies

Top 2: New and upcoming 2017 lesbian movies

Categories: Entertainment

It isn’t a wonder that a listicle of movies to watch snatches the spot as the 2nd most read article on here. It is written for all moviegoers, lesbian or not, looking to watch great lesbian-themed movies. But we’re betting that most of you who read this article was actually searching for a date night flick to see with your girl.

Lesbian representation in movies have grown these recent years and we sure have some great releases this previous year. In this article, we featured 5 fantastic and well-written girl-on-girl flicks that should be on your watch list if you haven’t seen them yet.

She's into you - Carol

Top 1: 7 clues to help you know if she’s into you

Categories: Lifestyle

No drumrolls needed here. Yes, everyone who likes anyone would want to know if they are liked back. Of course, no one wants to rely on just gut feel. We need concrete answers or at least a positive nudge before asking the girl we like straight out about how they feel for us.

After everything is said and done, we all just want to love and be loved, right? Unfortunately, there are no operating manuals to this whole love phenomenon. Oh but there are clues and tips to help us and 7 of them are in this article. Well, we hope this article gave you that boost of confidence you needed.

The results tell us that you, our dear readers, are into us and we at LN are very happy to receive the love from all of you. You all are a lovely and loving bunch. Thank you for your continued support for Lesbian News. Cheers for more years with you.

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