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Debunking bisexual myths that people still think are true

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Debunking bisexual myths that people still think are true

What with all the bisexual myths that people just assumed were true, bisexuals never had it easy.

Fellow queers like gays and lesbians were wary of them– especially in the ‘50s when they were thought to be spies– while straight people thought they were just seeking attention.

Since it’s Bisexual Visibility Day, let’s correct these bisexual myths.

Bisexual myths #1: They’re just confused

First, bisexuality was thought to be a phase, something people go through because either they’re experimenting– or they’re confused.

We don’t know which is worst. It’s like saying “definitely, maybe” and that bisexuals can’t decide which team to side with.

Look, people, it’s not that they can’t decide, it’s that they can get attracted to both sexes.

Bisexual myths #2: They want to have relationships with both sexes at the same time

Bisexuals were said to have relationships with both sexes– all at the same time.

In fact, some even thought that bisexuals got it on not just with one man and one woman, but with a lot of men and women. They thought being a bisexual was like an orgy.

However, this is not true. Bisexuals are wired like any normal human being: one relationship at a time.

Bisexual myths #3: They’re attention seekers

Bisexuals were thought to have this radical sexuality because they’re attention seekers. Bisexual celebrity Lady Gaga was accused exactly that.

It even came to a point that some people thought girls wanted to be bisexual so that guys would notice them.

We don’t know where that thinking came from. But as far as bisexuals know, their love for both sexes is something they’re born with.

Bisexual myths #4: They want to sleep with more people

Bisexuals are accused of wanting to have sex with more people.

That is, some people think bisexuality is not a real sexuality and that it’s just an excuse to have threesomes or foursomes.

In the first place, what’s being described is a sex addict. Second that kind of lifestyle died a long time ago.
Third, more straight people do this than bisexuals.

So does that mean straight people who want to sleep with more people are bisexuals? Now that’s confusing.

Bisexual myths #5: It’s not a real sexuality

A lot of bisexuals often lament that some people think that bisexuality is not a real sexuality.

That is, it’s hard enough to be lesbian or gay– but to find yourself falling for a man then later falling for a woman?

If there’s a tough identity crisis one goes through, it’s not understanding why this is happening to you. It’s not as if you woke up one day and decided to love a man– and then later a woman.

As one bisexual tweeted to his 145,000 followers, “Being Bi is not a choice or preference. It’s you. It’s just you.”

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