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A lesbian love story in Netflix’s Fear Street

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Fear Street

A lesbian love story in Netflix’s Fear Street

Netflix’s Fear Street, a trilogy of horror films based on R.L. Stine’s books currently showing on the streaming platform, has a lesbian love story at the core of it.

The movies, which were filmed back-to-back, stars Kiana Madeira as Deena and Olivia Scott Welch as Sam, two teenage girls who try to survive a killer born out of a curse laid on their town.

The queer love story at the center of Fear Street

The queer love story between the two is at the center of the narrative in the three movies (Fear Street Part One: 1994, Fear Street Part Two: 1978, and Fear Street Part Three: 1666).

This was always the plan for the three movies, director Leigh Janiak told SYFY WIRE: “That was one of the earliest decisions.”

Meanwhile, Phil Graziadei, the openly gay screenwriter partner of Janiak, told Pride Source: “It was very clear to us very early on that we wanted to write this about queer leads.”

“Obviously, queer representation in horror movies has a long and complicated history, for the most part. We’re only seeing ourselves on screen as monsters or as victims,” he Graziadei.

How they developed the love story in a horror movie

They also tried to develop the two characters by placing them at different points in their journeys as queer young women.

When the first film starts, Deena is out and proud while Sam has not yet told her family or friends about being queer. This causes the initial conflict between the two.

Speaking to Indiewire, Janiak said: “There was something very appealing to me about these two girls who love each other but aren’t necessarily on the same page right away.”

Madeira, who plays Deena, said: “Deena has such a desire to want to protect and take care, that she sees this girl who is not there yet in terms of being open with who she is and how she identifies.”

“But Deena can see past all of that and just wants her to embrace those things that make her special and make her beautiful,” she added.

A love story throughout the history of Fear Street

As part of the storyline, both of the girls had ancestors who fell for each other in the third film. In this case, Deena’s ancestor, Sarah Fier, also had feelings for Sam’s ancestor, Hannah Miller.

Welch said this iteration of their love story was a nice contrast: “They’re at the beginning of their relationship.”

“Because in 1994, [Sam and Deena] are in strife as is without the whole curse and stuff. They’re kind of in a bad place already,” she said.

“But then with Hannah and Sarah, they’re just starting to really like each other. It also kind of makes you fall in love with Sam and Deena even more,” she added.

What’s more, Hannah’s character is bolder as compared to Sam’s character. Welch said: “She very confidently knows that she’s in love with Sarah.”

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