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Bigger Lies

By Lucy J. Madison

Caribbean sunlight streams through an open window as the sheer white curtains flutter in the breeze. Reese closes her eyes, listening to that singularly hypnotic sound of ocean surf pounding against the shore.

She turns on her side to gaze at Nicole, who is still sound asleep beside her. Reese’s eyes travel down Nicole’s long, lean body, stopping to notice small constellations of freckles here and there which are the only contrast between Nicole’s pale skin and the white linen sheets.

Very gently, Reese moves away a strand of Nicole’s hair, and in that moment, Nicole’s eyes flutter open then focus on Reese.

“Hi.” Says Reese simply, her lips turned up into the hint of a smile.

“Hi,” responds Nicole as she turns onto her side to fully face Reese.

“Last night was amazing,” Nicole says in her sexy Australian accent. She smiles wickedly, then stretches, her long arms upward toward the dark plantation ceiling fan.

“It was. I can’t believe we actually did it, I mean after all these years of flirting with one another” says Reese, laughing. “Twenty hours later and here we are in the British Gorda.”

Nicole pulls Reese closer, her hand gliding down Reese’s side to the curve of her hip. “I’ve been wanting to do this for ages. How on earth do you expect me to work with you every day on set and not want to make love to you? It’s all your fault. You’re so damned sexy.”

“I’m not the sexy one. You are. Your legs go on forever,” says Reese, her southern drawl slow and seductive, her eyes crinkling in a smile. “But what are we going to do now?”

“Can’t we do what we did last night?” Nicole smiles.

“After that I mean,” clarifies Reese, worry creeping into her voice. “What will people say?”

“Who cares what people say! The stupid tabloids have claimed I’m gay for years – even since Tom. They think everyone is gay. They say everything under the sun. What does it matter? We both have lives outside of this. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. All that matters is this moment right here and now.”

Nicole leans forward and kisses Reese gently on the lips. The moment their lips touch, the fire between them is re-ignited. Reese pulls Nicole closer, pushing her knee in between Nicole’s long legs as their tongues intertwine.

Nicole slides the sheet down so that nothing separates their bodies. The heat between them is unmistakable. The two are immediately lost in the world of their own making as the ceiling fan slowly turns above their heads and the waves crash on the shore.

A cell phone on the nightstand buzzes and the name Keith pops up on the screen but neither notice.

The End… Or is it?

Disclaimer: This series is a satire by the author and is entirely a work of fiction and is not intended maliciously. Celebrities are in a fictional depiction or personality parody.


About Lucy J. Madison

Lucy J. Madison is a novelist, poet, and screenwriter from Connecticut. She’s the author of two contemporary lesbian romance novels In the Direction of the Sun and Personal Foul as well as a collection of poetry entitled I.V. Poems (Sapphire Books). www.lucyjmadison.com Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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