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How to survive a relationship breakup

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Relationship breakup

How to survive a relationship breakup

Relationship breakup
Whether it’s your first relationship with another girl, or it’s your umpteenth time to move into a new apartment, it’s a terrible time when a relationship breakup happens.

One of the most understated grief is getting through a breakup. It’s understated because most think it’s a trivial matter compared to greater losses like death or losing a job.

But a relationship ending is one of the most devastating experiences you can feel. It’s universal and it’s something that happens every day to people all over the world.

As the song goes, “They say that breaking up is hard to do. Now I know. I know that it’s true.”

Here are a few tips to survive a relationship breakup:

Relationship breakup tip# 1: It’s okay to have mixed feelings about it

The truth is, you’ll have mixed feelings about the breakup. This would change almost every minute of the day. One minute you’ll feel anger, the next minute you’ll be sad.

One day, you’ll be glad that you’re finally moving on– and the next day, you’ll have the strongest urge to call and beg her back. At some point, you’ll start to feel sorry for yourself.

But this is okay because this is a normal reaction to a breakup. This is someone you loved. You invested emotions on her, and her loss in your life will create confused feelings in you.

Relationship breakup tip #2: Allow the tears to flow

We’re emotional people, let’s face it. The grief of a breakup is a great emotion that will make you cry buckets.

Let it happen. Cry for two weeks if you have to. Lose a little weight from crying if it has to be. Because the crying can help exhaust the sadness you’ll feel.

When the tears are few and far between, this will be your gauge you’re on the road to recovery.

Relationship breakup tip# 3: Close the door

One of the contributing factors that can make a breakup hard is the lack of closure.

You wanted to say thing you didn’t get to say. Maybe it was your fault. Maybe it was hers.

Whatever the case, whether she wants to face you or not, write a letter of all the things you want to say and close the door.

This is the ultimate definition of closure.

Relationship breakup tip# 4: Don’t stay friends

It’s understandable you’d want her to be in your life still.

But when you break up, this will be a great change for you, and staying friends won’t make it any different.

So when you break up, accept the fact she’s not a part of your life anymore. So no staying friends.

Relationship breakup tip #5: Seek help if needed

As we said, undergoing a relationship breakup is an understated grief. But if you feel the grief is something you can’t control anymore, seek out professional help.

If you need it, a therapist can help you get you through this.

In the end, sometimes you just have to live the question without answering it. Because this will help you survive a relationship breakup.

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